Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ablaze last nights energy

Greetings All
I cannot remember for the life of me, the last time I witnessed such a Divine and spectacular night sky for last nights meditation. Actually thats not true, I do remember, it was when I flew into Australia about 3 hours off the coast of the mainland, being about 4am, 35,000 ft above the earth. That was amazing.  Yet  last night, The sky was ablaze with billions TRILLIONS of stars that I could not help but feel such an emotional kiss from the Universe within the deepest essence of my soul. It was utterly breathtaking- literally. The Milky Way was so vivid, clear, sprawled with black magellan clouds and stellar gases floating, interwoven with the masses of celestial stars...all in precise synchronistic order.  If only I had my telescope set up!I was so moved, that I wished, as I conducted the meditation, that you all could have witnessed it with me. Australia has a wonderful reputation for having gorgeous observing for the stargazer.

It was a very powerful night and many energies were apparent, which I was lucky enough to capture with  digital technology (and their allowance). Something I found  enthralling, even somewhat unnerving, was the presence of higher intelligent energy, more so than the last Meditation. It was a strange yet beautiful feeling, and of course I was very amused when I saw the face of a celestial being manifesting, metamorphize, and melting away on the back of my tunic! I must also admit that there were many strange dream encounters last night that perhaps confirmed this...
The energy poured into the ritual was strong moving, and my crystals charged with Divine energy within the crystal bowl are now still sitting outside evaporating and showering its loving energy in out Earths atmosphere
Until next time dear friends & family
Yours eternally

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Global Meditation tonight!

I am much excited for the global meditation I am hosting tonight with my beloved brothers and sisters around the world (and universe if they care to join also!)... There was such a great response from the last one, many vibrations turning for the better, unexpected events happening with people- and its a confirmation that the Universe was indeed participating in the event. Tonight is another also. Join me South Australian time or if you prefer to do it at your own time, then this is also fine. The most important objective is the intent of each individual involved.
Outline is as follows:

Sit in a comfortable, quiet, darkened space
Face East, or 20 Degrees North, North East
Set up your sacred space

Spend a couple of minutes deep breathing… falling into the alpha brain wave state (usually 3 mins after closing eyes)

When ready imagine a great big white light streaming from the skies and piercing through your brows into your 3rd eye. Take your breath up to your 3rd eye, as if you are inhaling/exhaling in this area.

With every breath, inhale more of it in, letting your bodies (conscious and subconscious) surrender to the flow and accepting that all is okay to let go.

At this point if youre having trouble concentrating and getting your breath right, try ear plugs. Believe me you will focus correctly after this!

Take your hands and press them together as if to pray. Bow down and give thanks to the Universe, God, and all that is in your own way.
Take as long as you need to do this. When complete keep your hands firmly together and slowly start to pull them apart. Imagine there is a ball of energy between your hands…it should tingle in this area. There really is a ball of energy there!
This ball is full of Divine, pure love…. Manifest the love energy within the ball and then shift your hands (with the ball) next to your heart and pour your heart energy and love into the ball.
When you are satisfied, place your hands on either side of the bowl of water (with crystal/rock/soil inside) and imagine that the ball of love energy is wrapping itself around the bowl, enveloping the water and crystal, permeating its love energy into the everything within in.  Be sure to telepathically say prayers and requests and whatever desire you so wish for the world, humanity, and the universe.

This  may take 10-20 mins… Pour the love from your being and from the Cosmos and let the crystal and water absorb it.

When you are satisfied that the water is  sacred and full of love energy seal the energy by placing your hands above the bowl and move them in a circular motion saying to yourself or out aloud  3 times:

“In the name of the Universal consciousness, I  now declare this sacred energy be sealed and protected and used only for the Highest good”

Clasp your hands together to pray and bow to the universe once more and humbly thank All That Is and Who from the bottom of your heart sincerely.

Blow out the candle and close the circle. Put the glass bowl somewhere sacred in the house and leave uncovered so that the sacred water/energy may be evaporated into the atmosphere. Leave the crystal in the water until the water has evaporated. If you used soil, wait until the soil is dry and throw it out into the garden and allow that energy to be deposited back into Mother Earth

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Universal Meditation 10-10-10 @ 11pm South Australian time

Greetings Brothers and Sisters ♥

Im excited! Tonight is the Meditation. I have finally finished the outline.

The Meditation will begin at 11pm South Australian time. Please check

to get your time that corresponds with mine so we are all together 'remotely'! Thank you for your patience- check your messages as I will be sending the Meditation outline to each of you to print out with the list of participants.

See you at 11pm for a magical gathering!! Anything that is in " " is to be read aloud ♥

♥ Andulairah

BTW I will be filming



After setting up your sacred space… Sit, stand or whatever position is comfortable for you and recheck that you are facing 20 NNE. If it is daylight where you are, please stay out of the sun’s rays!

Allow yourself a few minutes to relax and close your eyes, deep breathing into the alpha brainwave state, and allow yourself to tune into the love/light bandwidth.

Visualize a strong warm bright white light piercing through your 3rd eye (between the brows) and begin to additionally visualize yourself breathing through this 3rd eye area.

When your ready, open your eyes and say the following statement aloud, hands outstretched upwards and towards the alignment of 20 degrees NNE:

"In the presence of The Confederation of Planets in Service of the Infinite Creator, The Council of Saturn, The Guardians, The Angelic Beings, The Astral and Light Beings, Our Loved ones who have left Planet Earth, Our family and friends and All That Is, I greet and extend a warm loving welcome to my Brothers and Sisters joining me near and far from across the globe. We peacefully come together at this Divine time on the 10th of the 10th in year of 2010, as a Universal Collective consciousness on behalf of the human race.

As I ask ALL the above to bear witness of this Sacred and Divine gathering, I also humbly ask for their protection of this sacred space/circle. I ask that they continually provide guidance…allowing us as spiritual beings, to follow our true paths in this lifetime upon Earth… and also that throughout eternity. We love you, and thank you for your continued and tireless effort to protect us and Planet Earth.

We come together as One within this Collective Consciousness, to assist and to be of service for humanity.

We come together to reach out to our other Beloved Brothers and Sisters that are struggling at this time on planet Earth. We reach out to them in Love. We reach out to them with Light.

We come together to raise the love vibration upon Planet Earth, purging the darkest areas and infusing them with Divine Love and cleansing them with Divine Light.

We come together to heal and increase the purity of the electromagnetic frequencies enveloping the Earth and her Etheric patches.

We come together to heal….alleviating the sick and misguided, the wayward and the corrupt that have lost their way."

Close your eyes and relax your arms, and Sit silently for a few minutes returning into alpha brain wave state. With each inhale, visualize your breath coming through your 3rd eye as sparkling warm bright white light. Feel it as it melts through your whole physical and etheric/astral body through your feet and into the earth.

When you have this feeling open your eyes, and close them when you have recited and can say it in your head . Repeat the phrase below 11 times.

I am perfect.

I am Divine.

I am the Co-creator.

I am in perfect Health.

I Accept All.

I Forgive All.

I love myself.

I love you.

I love All That Is.

(If you feel compelled to keep repeating this, continue to do so until you wish to stop-this is reprogramming the neurotransmitters inside the brain – it’s an incredibly powerful invocation)

Close your eyes, and Keep the breath awareness at the 3rd eye area and feel the thick warm white light fuse – growing throughout your body….filtering into your cells and etheric/astral body. Once you feel it, immediately move your hands/wand over the glass/chalice to charge the water.

Visualize the power of warm thick white light and love move from your tips of your fingers, entering directly into the water. Visualise the deepest and purest love from your heart/heart center, pouring from your fingers and into the water. This will charge the water- being an extremely effective medium as it stores pure love vibrations emanating from you and also travelling through you. They are the in-streamings of Cosmic Energy coming in from 20 Degrees NNE.

Open your eyes, Raise your arms out stretched once more in the direction of 20 degrees NNE. When ready, say aloud:

“As we come together as the Universal Collective Consciousness, let us honor and heal our brothers and sisters that have so graciously allowed us to assist them at this time in their life on Planet Earth. Let us give our brothers and sisters our most unconditional love, so that they may also be beside us in the quest for awakening humanity, raising the Divine Love frequency throughout Planet Earth and beyond.

Let us come together as one Universal voice….one Universal breath…putting all our differences aside in the Service of healing Humanity and saving our Planet … our home, Planet Earth."

Let us move together , accelerating with joy, love and harmony… Let us transition from this 3rd Density and 4th Dimension experience- the Density of Self Awareness & the Age of Pieces…. into the 4th Density and 5th Dimension-the Density of Love and Understanding and the Age of Aquarius as peacefully as possible. Let us welcome the New Age with loving open arms.”

Immediately move your hands over the glass/Chalice of water once again for a few minutes- drawing that powerful thick cosmic energy in-streaming from the universe.Ttake the glass and drink the water as if it is thick warm liquid light. Sit for a few minutes after you drink as you feel the liquid light physically touch and move through your entire physical and etheric/astral body.

Please Say Aloud:

“ Our beautiful sister Jannae in Oregon USA. As one Collective Consciousness, Let us help Jannae find her soul family. May the power of our Collective Consciousness guide her into her true soul family. Surrender to the Divine Universe Jannae, and open your Throat Center to receive this in-streaming of Crisp electric- blue ray of energy filter into your body. We love you Jannae.”

Close your eyes.

Stretch out your right hand (conscious side of body) in the direction of 20 degrees NNE. Visualise a crisp electric blue ray of light piercing through your hand, and coming out thru the other side.

Massage the crisp electric blue ray of light into Jannae’s throat center in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied that the energy has been passed into her.

Keep your left hand (unconscious side of body) hovered over your crystals/rock -to help transfer the energy remotely by the power of thought. You are also charging the crystal.

When finished, take your right hand and move it full circle one time above the flame of the candle to complete and end the transfer of isolated electric blue energy to Jannae.

Your hand is now back to its neutral energetic state.

“Our beautiful Sister Karley in East Midlands UK : Let us pour love into Karley’s heart healing her of daily challenges of depression, obsessive compulsive disorder & anxiety. Let us fill her heart with Divine Love so that she no longer feels alone and that we are always by her side loving and accepting her just the way she is unconditionally. Surrender to the Universe Karley, and open your navel Center to receive the in-streamings of warm bright orange light melt into your body. We love you Karley.”

Close eyes.

Stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a warm bright orange ray of light melt through your hand, and out thru the other side, massaging it into Karley’s Navel Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“ Our beloved gentle sister Melissa in South Australia. With the recent passing of her mother Karen and her younger sister Kristy, I ask us as a collective consciousness to infuse our warm powerful love energy into Melissa’s compassionate heart with strong warm pink ray of energy. She, her father and family are struggling at this moment in time and they need our most heartfelt love more than ever.

Surrender to the Universe Melissa as we ALL will catch you with our deepest love. Open your heart center to receive the influx of in-streamings of strong warm pink energy from our collective consciousness and our Divine Universe- allowing yourself to heal your deepest sorrows. We must remember the joy that we give in another in life. We must remember the precious moments of our short time here on Earth. You are not alone Dear Sister. We love you. You are eternal.”

Close eyes

Stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a warm strong pink ray of energy piercing through your hand-and thru the other side, piercing into Melissa’s heart center

Massage it into Melissa’s heart Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Our beautiful Sister Anuradha in South India: Let us project world peace, put an end to animal cruelty, to spread veganism , bring oneness into the world, assisting people to go green, SAVE our planet... Our mother earth- let us touch the world with our call echoing throughout eternity. We love you Anuradha”

Close your eyes and stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a warm thick bright white light piercing through your hand.... projecting it out thru the other side, enveloping the world. Massage the warm thick light through the atmosphere and deep into the Earth’s crust.

“ Our beautiful sister Sarah in North West New York USA has joined us to bless our Divine global union on this occasion. Thank you for your beautiful presence dear sister- We Love You.”

“Our beautiful Sister Seven in Orange County USA also wishes to share her Divine energy. Her spirit is magnetic. Let us also join together to bless the birth of her beautiful baby Pheonix. We thank you for joining with us on this special occasion dear sister. We love you.”

“ Our beautiful sister Mary in Oklahoma USA: Let us pour love into Mary’s heart as she is requiring help in all areas of her life. Mary has had a very hard road so far...Challenges with taking care of her 3 small children and living within a strict religious household. Let us come together to aide her with making her life easier.

Surrender to the Universe Mary and open your 3rd eye centre to receive the in-streamings of bright luminescent violet light pour into your pineal gland and soak through your entire body. Help is on the way dear Sister. We love you.”

Close your eyes and stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a bright luminescent Violet ray of light piercing through your hand.... projecting it out thru the other side, massaging it into Mary’s 3rd eye Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Our beautiful sister Karyn in Pittsfield Massachussetts USA- Let us come together to project our Divine Love and understanding to both stray animals, and to her beautiful dear love - her 20yr.old Pugslee. Let us also send a strong white healing ray of light energy to her mother, Beverly, as well has her Divine self. Surrender yourself to the Universe Karyn, for we will always be supportive as one family for you. Open your Crown Center to receive an influx of strong white healing rays of light that will also emanate from you to your mother Beverly.

Close your eyes and stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a strong white healing ray of light piercing through your hand.... projecting it out thru the other side, massaging it into Karyn’s Crown Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Our beautiful Sister Colleen in Arizona USA- Let us unify together to send Warm dazzling white light into Colleen’s Crown Center, sprinkling through every cell in her body, to lift help her succeed and maintain her passion and excellence in her chosen studies. Our wise sister is needing our support at this moment in her chosen path. Let us attract the influx of love vibration emanating into our consciousness and transfer it into her crown center. We love you dear sister .”

Close your eyes and stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a dazzling white ray of light piercing through your hand.... projecting it out thru the other side, massaging it into Colleens Crown Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Our beautiful brother Shawn Taylor in Toronto, Ontario. Let us together manifest Divine Love... pourng it into Shawn’s sensitive loving heart in the form of bright white liquid light , helping to lift his soul into a Divine frequency that only allows Love and Light. Always remember that Love and Light is the strongest force. Surrender to the Universe Shawn, and open your heart center to receive the in-streamings of Bright white liquid light. We love you beloved brother.”

Close your eyes , stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a bright white liquid light melting through your hand-and out thru the other side, massaging it into Shawn’s Heart center in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into him. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“ Our beautiful brother Michael in Texas USA has joined our gathering as a light bearer of the Divine, walking as one with the Universal Consciousness. We thank you Michael for Spreading light and bestowing blessings to aide in the raising of consciousness of humanity and assisting with opening the 3rd eye, invoking the violet flame within our other brothers and sisters, helping us ALL radiate to higher levels. We love you dear brother”

“ Our beloved brother Lopido Emerald Flame in Canada has joined our Collective Consciousness of Love and is helping with the awakening of humanity. We thank you and love you dear brother Lopido.”

“ Our beautiful sister Amy in California USA has also joined our Divine Collective Union to spread love and to help raise the human consciousness as well as cleansing our beautiful Planet Earth. We thank you graciously for your presence. We love you sister.”

“ Our beautiful sister Kimberley in Ohio USA – Let us attract and send warm thick lava red energy into Kimberley’s Root center as she has been suffering from a bad stomach flu. Let us direct the warm thick red energy into her root center ... spreading quickly through her body to heal ALL imbalances that are causing her sickness.

Surrender to the Universe Kimberley , as we infuse your body with warm thick lava red energy into your root center healing ALL imbalances in your body and attaining perfect health once more. We love you beloved sister.”

Close eyes

stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a warm thick lava red energy melting through your hand-melting thru the other side, pouring into Kimberley’s root chakra.

Massage it into Kimberley’s Root Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Our beautiful sister Marissa in Syracuse New York USA wishes to bless our Divine global gathering on this occasion and to also send blessings out into the cosmic universe to our other brothers and sisters that need it most. We thank you for your beautiful presence dear sister- We Love You.”

“ Our beautiful Earth mother Joy Ford in Australia wishes to bless our beloved gathering tonight, and to also Free the world of war, make an end to poverty and abuse so we can all move forward in peace and hamony. We thank you and love you dear earth mother.”

“ Our beautiful brother Craig in the UK. Let us join our powerful love vibration into Craig’s heart center and bless him with a peaceful outcome for his beloved family to bring happiness and stability back into their lives. Let us project a warm thick soft pink ray of love into his heart.

Surrender to the Universe Craig. Open your heart center to receive the in-streamings of pure warm thick soft pink energy -helping to heal your family union. We are always here as an extended family for you. Welcome brother. We love you”

Close eyes

stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a warm thick soft pink energy melting through your hand-melting thru the other side, pouring into Craig’s heart center.

Massage it into Craig’s heart Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into him. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

"Our beautiful sister Anna Moldavit in Sweden is joining our universal collective consciousness tonight. Welcome Anna. We thank you for your Divine presence and allowing us to share our energies with you tonight. We love you."

"Our beautiful Sister Shannan in Sydney Australia is also sharing her Divine Love energy with us all tonight. Shannan is the one of the most inspirational soul's one could ever meet. Her brilliance, determination, stamina, intellect, compassion and generosity constantly inspires all those around her to continually challenge one to strive for 'The Ultimate Life'. A true epitome of a person chasing  her dreams and manifesting them into her reality.  We thank you beloved Sister for allowing us to share your beauty tonight/today. We love you and thank you"

"Our beautiful brother Max in Sydney- Let us join together pouring in  a potent warm thick red ray of energy as a collecive consciousness into Max's Root center, allowing his physical ailemts to heal rapidly. Surrender yourself to the Universe Max, open your Root center to allow the in-streaming of warm thick red rays of energy melt through your body, to restore pefert balance once more.
Let us also send rays of sparklinging white light  in a  blessing to his beloved mother in England as she is due to undergo an operation. We love you  dear brother."

“ Our beautiful sister Angela Austin in London UK. Let us join together as we project a bright sparkling white ray of light into Angela’s 3rd eye center to help provide the gifts to allow her to move back into the universal flow, accelerating her soul growth and expanding and exploring her innate wisdom. Surrender to the Universe Angela, and open your 3rd eye center, allowing us to project bright sparkling white light into your 3rd eye center vibrating through your pineal gland. We love you beloved sister”

Close eyes

Stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a bright sparkling white ray of light energy piercing through your hand-and thru the other side, piercing through Angela’s 3rd eye and directly into her pineal gland

Massage it into Angela’s 3rd eye and pineal gland in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“ Our beautiful sister Jennifer in Jefferson City USA is here so graciously to join us in unison. Surrender to the universe Jennifer, opening your naval, solar plexus and 3rd eye centers as you allow us to transfer our Divine Cosmic energy to you.

Let us project a strong bright warm sunny yellow ray of energy into Jennifer’s Solar Plexus Center as we ask the Divine Universe to help provide the financial support to balance her and her husband’s lives at this time.

Our sister Jennifer also wishes that her husband be able to reach his full potential, hoping that he finds the success he dreams of. Let us now change the warm bright yellow ray of energy into a warm thick orange ray into Jennifer’s naval center so that it will transfer into her husband. Your husband is full of wonderful gifts and talents if only he would surrender to the Universe and allow himself to do what really gives him pleasure. Please pass on the message.

Let us now focus the warm thick orange ray, manifesting it into a deep luminescent violet ray and massage it into Jennifer’s 3rd eye center so that we may as a collective consciousness, accelerate her growth for psychic and spiritual awareness. We thank you for your presence dear sister. We love you.”

Close eyes

Stretch out your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a strong bright warm sunny yellow ray of energy piercing through your hand-and thru the other side, piercing through Jennifer’s Solar Plexus Center- Massage clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed, then repeating with a warm thick orange ray into her naval center and also with a deep luminescent violet ray at the 3rd eye center. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Our beautiful Sister White Tara in Queensland Australia would love to send her divine energies to Mother Gaia and to all that reside within and around her, including our animal and plant kingdoms. Let us extend and project our love to White Tara in gratitude for her beloved presence. We love you."

“Our beautiful sister Harmony in Setif ,Algeria. Let us gather as one to transfer a beautiful bright luminescent violet ray of energy into Harmony’s 3rd eye center. Our dear sister has requested that her twin flame awakens to their presence and aligns with her so that they may be together as one. Surrender to the Universe Harmony, and open your 3rd eye, allowing yourself to receive in-streamings of Divine Love in the form of bright luminescent violet rays. We love you”

Close eyes

Stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a bright luminescent violet ray of energy piercing through your hand-and thru the other side, pouring into Harmony’s 3rd eye center

Massage it into Harmony’s 3rd eye Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Our beautiful sister Lana in Michigan United States. Let us bond our loving power together, as Our beloved sister and loving fruitarian is asking the Universe for guidance so that she may be able to become self sufficient to support herself. Let us attract a beautiful crisp bright green ray of energy streaming down from the cosmos, piercing through our right hand and into Lana’s heart Center, allowing her to experience a full life of joy and abundance. We love and support you always our sister Lana.”

Close eyes

Stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a bright crisp fresh green ray of energy piercing through your hand-and thru the other side, piercing into Lana’s heart center

Massage it into Lana’s heart Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Our beautiful earth brother Richard in Australia has requested a simple sentence be spoken on his behalf: LIFE BEYOND LIFE. ETERNAL IS LIFE. EXISTENCE IS LIFE...We thank you for your Divine presence, our Earth brother Richard. We love you.”

“Our beautiful sister Lauren in Brisbane Australia. Let us come together projecting a bright luminescent violet ray of energy in her 3rd eye center. Surrender to the Universe Lauren and open your 3rd eye Center to receive the in-streamings of bright luminescent violet energy so that you may become more intuitive, possessing a clearer understanding of your relationship. Follow your heart sister. We are here for you. We love you.”

Close eyes

Stretch our your right hand, 20 Deg NNE, visualising a bright luminescent violet ray of energy piercing through your hand-and thru the other side, piercing into Lauren’s 3rd eye center .

Massage it into Lauren’s 3rd eye Centre in clockwise motion at least 3 times until you feel satisfied the energy has been passed into her. Repeat the cleanse of right hand over candle, maintaining your left hand over the crystals.

“Andulairah- I wish to speak on behalf of my heart and higher self, with the Universe as my witness that I continue to be of Service to humanity. I bless and thank our Mother Earth, the animal, plant, and crystal kingdoms for humbly allowing us to share the Earth alongside them. I thank them also for compromising and sacrificing their lives for our survival and salvation continually. I also pour my love into the hearts of many who feel segregated because of religion, race and money. I call upon the Universe to hear my plea that we forgive one another and move together peacefully into the New Age.

To my fellow brothers and sisters- move towards the light in perfect peace, perfect love and perfect unison. Everything is perfect. You are completely protected and loved. Surrender your heart and yourselves to true happiness and Compassion. Love and light are the only answers.”

As you finish with the last request, move both of your hands over the crystal and plant/flower drawing in more love vibrations from the cosmos. When you feel ready, take your crystal in both of your hands above your head in alignment of 20 degrees NNE and say aloud:

“As a Universal Collective Consciousness, and on behalf of humanity, we have spoken with one voice, throwing our call out to You, our Divine Universe, knowing that you will hear us and receive us as brothers and sisters and Co-creators of this Universe.

We thank you for your presence and humbly ask that You, Divine Universe, send us any final messages or in-streamings of energy before we complete our Service within this gathering and close our sacred space for this moment upon Planet Earth.”

Close your eyes as you hold the crystal above your head and allow the final messages/visualisations/in-streamings of energy to be fully downloaded and concluded. This can take as long as you want.

Continue to breath in/out through your 3rd eye center. When you feel like everything is completed, relax your arms, still holding your crystal repeat:

“As I close this sacred space, (bow foward in honor) I extend my deepest gratitude and love to my fellow brothers and sisters that have joined me within this Collective Consciousness tonight/today- generously sharing their love and energy to raise the vibrational frequency of love and light, peace and harmony throughout Planet Earth.

I also extend my deepest gratitude and loyalty to The Confederation of Planets in Service of the Infinite Creator, The Council of Saturn, The Guardians, The Angelic Beings, The Astral and Light Beings, Our Loved ones who have left Planet Earth, our family and friends and All That Is.

I thank you.

I love you.

This sacred space/circle is now closed.”

The crystal is charged with incredible energy at this point. Put the crystal onto your 3rd eye Center to transfuse the energy into your 3rd eye- the energy will transfer into your higher soul and into your subconscious mind.

Honor and thank the crystal by kissing it, Put out the candle by using your fingers or something other than blowing it out. Close your Holy/sacred book if you used one. Put out the incense.

The crystal will be kept charge with an influx of energy so if you feel you need support in your life outside the meditation, you can hold the crystal to your 3rd eye center and draw in the energy.

Thank you for joining the Universal Mediation for 10-10-10.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Wow did I awake from a beautiful strange dreamtime this morning! In the dream I was actually sleeping in the same bed that I was in my physical reality- except that I was with some old girlfriends in the bed chatting and they were being funny, loud, cheeky and something caught my attention at the front door. I went to see and then as I came back, my girlfriends were not in the bed, and I called out to them, only to then look out the window and see them walking up a gigantic ramp into a dazzling UFO saucer. It was HUGE, and incredibly advance looking- hovering above darkened trees and there they were in a daze walking up inside!! It was very bizarre and I woke at 3.23am thinking "gee that was strange!!" I wish I could draw you what I saw in the dream ♥!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Lovely dreams lovely dreams....I dreamt I was on a beautiful place... an island of sorts. The leaves of the palms were dewy and salty and I sat in the black sand on the shore line breathing in the lovely wet air. The sky was overcast and there were many local islander people about. I asked a man "What is this place?" and he told me "Phemuria" or something of the sorts. I remember the wet sand....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Major Energy Today♥

Wow gosh guys, you know the moon is waxing, the energy is high and the day was SO beautiful today- the skies so blue, sun so bright, trees so green just glorious- and of course I spent a lot of time out frolicking about as I do, hugging trees (dont laugh!) believe me I am always doing it, even if people are watching me. I love drawing and connecting with their magickal earth and etheral elemental energies...its totally grounding. Even the little ladies I care for hug the trees now! I am always finding pennies and coins on the street and I say to the little girls walking them to school to "tell the universe that you want to find pennies walking to school today"....
Later on, I told the universe  to throw me a penny my way when I walked to collect them from school. I past a beautiful old oak tree and I was so drawn to touch it  that I stopped and turned around to go back to touch it and put my hand on it to connect with this wise, earthy energy. As I did, I found a copper penny nestled between its tree roots!!! LOL I totally laughed aloud as the universe had sure answered my little request. It just made me smile from the heart outwards. Believe me we are always being listened to.
Also earlier today, I felt enormous energy in my room and felt compelled to take pictures. The picture speaks for itself, I saw about 8 orbs through this picture.  I dont know if all were orbs or some were dust particles but the huge one speaks for itself. You could not mistaken this and I was talking to them asking them questions, and telling them how much I am continually humbled by their presence and how much I love them. Its just wonder, the world.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Load Up On Avocado's...

Greetings Divine Wonders of the Earth. Ive decided to do a little experiment with myself. I have loaded up on avocados in the past few days, eating about 4 per day as I would to see how my skin responds to it over a month or so.  Avocado's are a great source of  Vitamin E, A, C and K and consuming them helps trigger the production of collagen, eliminating premature aging and wrinkles. Its of course a great source of monsaturated fats, which actually help dissolve saturated fatty deposits around the body replacing it with good fats. I am not at all concerned with weight, I never have been as a fruitarian, and I am not afraid to get a little fat from eating avocados!! But in hindsight, avocado's wont actually make you fatter. I mean if youre eating a diet of processed foods, saturated fats and white flours etc... along with avocado's then sure, you will pile on the pounds, but eating avocado's alone as one of your own main sources of fat is pretty subtle.
They are quite heavy and dense, caloric rich and so if you can handle them, eat them. I save all the seeds and put them in water overnight and plant them in the garden. I dont know if they will sprout but at least theres no harm in trying. Did you know that one mature avocado tree can spawn a growth of 200 avocado's or more? What a fantastic way of being self sufficient and saving money. My favourite part of eating an avocado is when I first cut it in half and just look at its amazing green and golden hues of colour. I feel its richness and total perfection... so it can only have the same affect on our bodies ♥ Debunk the myth that avocado's will make you fat!! Avocado's are our friends!!! They make a Divine ingredient in smoothies. Just this morning I made one with 1 avocado, two ripe bananas, big cup of raspberries and honey and ice...MMmmm it was like icecream a 100 times better....and healthier! Next time you pass avocados in the market or in the store, load up on some of them and put them in your diet. You will see that you need less food, and think about food less. They are the ultimate satisfying fruit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ancient Meditation Music

Open your chakras and warm your hearts with this Ancient Egyptian Meditaion Music I have made. Its designed to realigned all chakra points, raise your vibration and call in your Spiritual Guides and helpers ♥


Friday, March 26, 2010

Premonition again??

Hello Divine Wonders of the World.
I woke up yet again from a flurry of illustrious dreaming... .yet one dream in particular has had a reoccurring cycle. Ive dreamt this many times before and this is of a big tsunami hitting the coast of california. Naturally with each dream of this certain scenario, the time of day is different, the area etc... but the coast of California remains the same. I am always watching the wave coming into the coast, being an observer, seeing it plummet into the high rise apartments buildings. I remember in this dream I got my trustly phone video camera out and started to record saying "well today is  (Sept 2010) and seems like 2012 has hit us before the expected date..." and I go on talking about this whilst I see the water half way up the buildings and not receeding.
Of course alarm bells are subtly alerted in my conciousness, thinking whether or not this even will come to past. The coast of California has always been a topic of discussion, polar caps melting, sea levels rising...time will only tell... ♥

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Gosh well I have just had a premonition. Whether this comes to pass or not is clearly unknown to me. I was told that an 8.8 quake in Southern India was going to have 66,000 people leave the Earthly plane. The Higher Soul is an amazing gift for us. Whilst I dont necessarily believe that all will come to pass, I have also had dreams where I was told by an old woman with red eyes that I was going to leave this Earth in two years time! I dont believe that one! I plan to stay here much longer, just because I have much work to do here. When we drown, have accidents and pass over, are sick, this is all to our choosing believe it or not. Our spirit selves dont care so much about how we pass over, for it holds really no significance when we looked down upon our Earthly shells of how we look, feel, etc.... We have plenty of choices as to when we want to leave, and perhaps sometimes we call these "Death dates" "Close Calls" or Near Death Experiences...
Many premonitions that I have had, indeed have ultimately come to pass. In a dream I saw that my Sister in Law was going to give birth to a boy (she did)... and that one year from then she would fall pregnant again and  have a another baby boy (she did that too)!! Always pay attention to dreams. Theyre a mixture of parallel realities, premonitions, symbology, Spiritual expression and messages for us to process from Spirit and our Higher Selves.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amazing Orb footage last night...

Thanks to the heightened planetary energies showering down into the Earth from the Divine Cosmos, I have had plenty of Orb activity drawn to me recently. I have filmed a meditation I did last night. I distinctly remember feeling at one point hedonistic, and like I was falling back deep into the Universe. And I believe it was at this time that I was having a strong spiritual interaction. As I looked back over the vid, sure enough near the 4.30 min mark there was a great ball of light permeating through the ceiling, descending down next to me and wrapped itself around me in a full circle and then fell down to the bottom of my body to my feet. It was just beautiful and I sat in awe in tears watching it! The video is 11 mins long and I am going to try and shorten it to show you this beautiful encounter.
We, as Divine Souls,  are constantly given signs and footage that indeed there is spiritual energy existing other than ours on Earth. My videos are proof of this, and I am only using a video recorder on my phone. Seeing this new footage, for anyone to say this is a dust particle is flabbergasting!!  ♥

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 11 Juice Fast ♥

Greetings Divine Wonders...♥
Beautiful dreams last night. I was lying in the grass of my childhood home at nighttime with my family. And as I peered up to the night skies I noticed a flash of 3 red lights in the form of a triangle space craft. Then I saw a big ball of white light flash in the middle of the triangle and it just immediately blew up and disappeared. I asked everyone "Did you see that? Did you see that?!!" And of course no one at that point I knew that this encounter was for me to see :) A beautiful reality to experience.
The fast is going along fine. Yesterdays hunger was very apparent and like I said, I felt like I wanted to eat meat. Today I am feeling fine again. Still major elimination going on.
Imagine, our physical bodies comprise of 6.3 trillion cells. One could not possibly conceive the amount of cleansing needed or what type of cleansing is taking place...but we know when things are happening. After years of eating cooked foods and having a not so favourable diet, the body needs a LOT of time to reverse and heal from all of that type of eating, if we allow it the time and space to do so.
I havent yet had a juice. Perhaps I will later if I feel the need.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 10 ♥ Juice Fast

Greetings Divine Souls♥
I am feeling much better. Although I have had feelings of hunger tonight- like I want to eat something other than fruit which is a first. I believe this is old toxic residues leaving my body.
 Actually I could settle for one of my delicious fruitarian salads but I have devoted a lot of energy into this fast that I must follow it through and let my body go through its cycles...Lots of elimination, detoxing. I have a slight blocked head, still slightly nasally but symptoms have subsided and I am onto the next phase of body/internal cleansing.
I spent about 5 minutes looking at the setting sun tonight to charge and soak my chakra points with the beautiful healing rays of our Divine ball of Light and Life.
Dreamtime is ineteresting and very active although I am having trouble remembering them which is also a first. I sleep with Moldavite and Kyanite under my pillow, which I know has given amazing information and universal wisdom but grounding it so I can remember it is challenging!
I have made two juices today and really dont feel like another just yet. My body is going through something now that I need to just let pass... I will meditate on it ♥

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Juice Fast Day 9 ♥

Wow ~ Do I feel better than yesterday! ♥ I went to bed with a runny nose and a headache and I woke up with beautiful clear breathing. Feeling much much better. Still a little fluish, but nothing like yesterday or the day before. Its a wonderful sign that detox is totally unfolding and getting down into the nitty gritty. I again, only had one juice yesterday and today I have only just had one and its now 1pm. I am just no feeling the need for anything really. Its amazing how we think the body must have food to survive when really it doesnt need it at long as it gets the same form of nutrition in liquid form... but if we are talking extreme here...perhaps you can live on prana (Divine Light)...
There are a few souls around the globe that do just that- living only on the Light of God. There is Jasmuheen, who only consumes water, and then theres Zunaida, a Russian lady (and believe it or not very full figured so that also defeats the claim that eating doesnt make you thin!)... Then of course Therese Newmann and Sri Anandamayi Ma... living on the Christ Light. There is also a big Breatharian movement happening in Germany. Its no longer only confined to the Saints to achieve this state!!
Anyway, theres always extremes isnt there? People that eat too much, people that eat too little, people that eat bad, and people that eat good. Find your path! ♥

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Juice Fast Day 8 ♥

Phew! Feeling totally under the weather yesterday and today. I drank fennel tea all day yesterday until about 9pm when I had a juice. Same with today, I am not at all feeling like juice or anything yet. I still slept well, Ive just woken up with a sore throat, feeling fluey, foggy head, runny nose, lethargic etc etc... deep cleaning!! I just have to go with it. Its important to let the body rest whilst its going through heavy duty cleansing like this. I know a lot of people would rush over to get painkillers or take medicine but truly, it only hinders the healing. I am not even that bad. Its just enough to knock me about for a couple of days. My tongue is still heavily coated and all I can do is just continue to brush my teeth (without toothpaste) brush my gums and clean my tongue!! My body is just going through its cycle. I feel tomorrow or later today thing will ease up a little. ♥

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juice Fast Day 6 & 7 ♥

Greetings Divine Ones...Its been one week of full juice  fasting!
Elimination has totally kicked in. I am feeling fluey, like I want to sleep. My throat started to feel dry yesterday (Day 6) and I went to bed feeling like I had 'cold' symptoms.  My throat is fine now yet I do feel lethargic and like I have a swipe of the flu. I dont feel the need for any juice this morning, just warm water with a herbal tea like Fennel seed or Echinacea and thats about it. I will probably water fast today,  until this evening. Ill see how I feel later. My skin is clearing (yes!!) and I still feel active and well. When one falls sick, we should celebrate it rather than dread it for getting ill, means some serious house cleansing is going on. Sometimes when we just fuel our bodies with so many impurities and just gets to the point where it says "ENOUGH!" and you are confined to the blankets of your bed. There are flus, viruses, and germs floating around ALWAYS...and if you have a weakened or blocked immuned system for any reason you are most likely to get sick more than others.... sickness = housecleanse. If you can avoid taking any medicines then do so. Medicines can only relieve symptoms which really, only just hinders your recovery. I never take medication, unless of course, I am in an extreme situation e.g. Life or Death! I will avoid under every circumstance. This goes for radio/chemo therapies for cancer. Absolute nightmare....dont do it! People get scared and feel its their only option... when really using these treatments theyre fighting their own's imperative to work with the body..and it starts with raw eating! ♥

Monday, March 1, 2010

Juice Fast Day 5 ♥

Wow, so the juice fasting is well under way Divine darlings of the universe. Breathing and lung capacity is wonderfully full and revitalizing. My skin has totally broken out on my back and chest which is a new elimination symptom for me. Its very bizarre as my body is quite healthy but obvioulsy there are some deep resivoirs somewhere within my system that need DEEP cleansing. I am feeling a little lethargic yet very good. Just a warm kind of sleepy feeling in you know what I mean. And I am in the need for SUN RAYS ♥ When the sun was out this morning I went out and basked my skin in it, soaking it's Divineness up as if I was drinking it. My little wheatgrass sprouts are finally beginning to stretch up, its been a long time coming for them!! The English Sunshine is quite weak at this time of year but today it was lovely. My juices are consisting of orange, apple and carrot and that suits me just fine for now. I'll add the wheatgrass when it grows to adulthood! My tongue is still coated and my breath is please avoid being around me for now! ♥

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Juice Fast Day 4

Gosh yesterday was full elimination. I had a very coated tongue and mid afternoon started to get a headache which is very bizarre for me... it was not bad, but I knew it was 'there'...nevertheless, I did some nice stretches, had 3 juices and one I tried differently- which was a celery and tomato juice - like the one I had in the dream 'the bloody mary'!! Yet in the dream it tasted much better :) It was still nice though. That was around 2 pm. Sleep is good. I am dreaming yet I cannot remember what is happening in the dreams.
Also I wanted to point out, for those who suffer with bad menstrual cramps- juice fasting and fruitarian diets work wonders :) Before I started on the journey of being fruitarian, I suffered from crippling menstrual cramps, the cycles were heavy, and the pain would have me bent over and lying on the floor in a ball! Ladies... you know what I am talking about ♥
I have usually been blessed with clear nice skin but lately I have also started to break out. This is a new symptom for me detoxing as usually I am not so affected by it. Obviously things are having a heavy cleanse...and the last fast I did was only 9 days, really only skimming the surface of a proper cleanse. So we'll see how this journey takes me.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Juice Fast Day 3

Greetings Divine Wonders♥
Elimination is fast in progress. My tongue is coated more today than yesterday, and I slept in!! Something I rarely do and obvioulsy my body is in overhaul. Dreams are vivid and plentiful, and my skin is breaking out! I take this as a blessing just because my body obviously needs to do it. To have beautiful clear skin - must come from the inside-out. You can use all products under the Sun but real healthy glowing skin comes first from within.  When you feed yourselves with nothing but pure goodness of nature, all in its raw Divine quality, you can only then consequently bear the results of beautiful natural Divine skin! Fruitarians have the most amazing beautiful skin of glow ♥ Its just glorious! Skin after a long time of fruitarian living also is wondrous with the Sun's rays. Skin no longer burns, EVEN without the use of wearing sunscreen, as the body is purged of its toxins. I cant wait for the strong Divine Rays of summer to bask in the heat. Its cleansing! ♥
I had three juices yesterday- still the same carrot, apple and orange.
My wheatgrass seeds are only NOW just starting to sprout, as sunlight is scarce and rain is plentiful in this part of the world! Any sunlight that melts into the garden I whizz out and put my little babies in the sun to bask ♥

Friday, February 26, 2010

Juice Fast Day 2

Greetings Divine Wonders of the World ♥
Ahh back to that great Divine Light Feeling of fasting. I am feeling amazing right now. I had three orange, carrot and apple juices yesterday. No hunger, no cravings for anything. The juice was simply AMBROSIA!
Sleep was fine. I had dreams but I cannot remember them. I was busy in them, naturally, anyway. I am taking this cleanse one day at a time- my tongue is coated slightly in the middle. But I am feeling wonderful. ♥

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

JUICE Fast again ♥

Divine Brothers and Sisters
It has once again come upon me to enter into the fascination world of the juice fast . The difference between fasting and not fasting is like night and day to me. I feel the strong urge to undertake a deeper elimination, longer journey. This however will not be a mono fruit one to start with. I will incorporate perhaps some other fruits just for variety and additional vitamins and elements. Join with me on the wonderful journey.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

♥Beautiful Divine Dream Reality♥

♥Pictures of the location where the  dream occurred ♥
This picture was taken with the sun high in the West, around 3pm looking towards a Easterly direction.
This place was/is one of my favourite places to experience...Bliss! ♥
...I would sit up here for hours! ♥♥♥

Although this picture was taken late afternoon, the dream occurred whilst the bright warm sun was in the 10am time space. ♥ I apologise if the captions are too small to read. 1st one from left  says "Galaxy here and more to the left", 2nd says "Railway line", 3rd says "I was walking here going North" and the 4th says Road that aliens & mayhem of cars driving North ♥

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Orange Juice Day 9

I have to apologise for skipping yesterday's blog just because time got the better of me!! ♥
Greetings to you all once again. I come to you with LOVE ♥
I am up at 5.30am this morning, had an orange juice. My Wheatgrass farm is up and running... the little wheatgrass seeds quickly underway with their chemical metamorphosis...♥ Actually some furry friend has already been into the garden I noticed this morning...
I will go into London today to pick up some Divine raw crystals from a crystal shop. I am very much into crystal healing. Crystals and rocks are of the first density and are much more connected to us that we could possibly imagine. So next time you see a rock or crystal... ask yourself, how long did it take for this little bundle of Love to create? Why did its unique mineral elements connect in the way they did? For what purpose? For there is always a purpose...Connect with your Earthly Wondrous Selves.
Friday night I was busily making Love (music)... please share my creation with the link below ♦
Yesterday afternoon and last night were devoted to piecing together my last pages of my book, The Erunisis Medallion.... a utter journey of love as well ♥
Do something wonderful for yourselves today. Be in Love, share your journeys and your lives with others...we can all learn and become that much more wiser♥

Friday, February 12, 2010

Orange Juice Day 7

Yippee! ♥
I received my wheatgrass seeds and soil in the post and now I am busily soaking them both in water ready for sowing my first crop tomorrow... I am SO excited!!
Today has been lovely, oranges are sweet and beautiful from the market, I have only had one juice with 5 oranges so far.
I had a broken sleep last night waking up at 4.30am but I am good spirits. My tongue is not so coated today for some reason. I believe its going thru its cycle... as it all bodily healing processes ♥
I have been feeling apparent hunger, so I think I am going to have another juice very shortly.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Orange Juice Day 6

Hello Divine Darlings of the World ♥
Its Day 6 and I am feeling interesting. I have just been to the fruit markets and bought a TONNE of oranges. They should last me a several days I am hoping.
All is wonderful.♥
I have decided I am going to incorporate Wheatgrass Juice into this fasting. I have ordered a wheatgrass kit and will harvest my own...such bliss ♥ Did you know that putting a tray of wheatgrass near your bed will help you sleep better? Wheatgrass emanates negative ions in the air to balance the positive ions we release...
Wheatgrass is an amazing little grass that has such potency and power to literally make Earths move ○ Amino Acids, high chlorophyll content, Vitamin B12, A, K, E and more. It also contains 82 out of the 92 minerals found in earth and soil: cobalt, phosphorus, calcium etc... so anyone says that a fast is lacking nutrients and essential elements has been sorely misguided! A fast is one of the most beneficial journeys one can undertake.
I had 2 orange juices yesterday. One at 11am with 5 oranges and one at 5pm with the same.
I still have a little of that metallicy taste in my mouth... obviously bodily functions are prominently occuring. My tongue is also still coated down the centre. I did start a meditation last night but it was I will continue it today
A beautiful day to all♥

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Orange Juice Day 5

Good morning Divine Wonders♥
Its Day 5 and I am feeling beautiful. Bodily functions are fluid, muscles are not achy, I feel lighter, peaceful mind.
Its lovely to not think about what I am going to eat! That leaves plenty more time through the day to concentrate on other things.
My tongue is still coated in the centre, not on the sides- a sign that a detox is certainly needed and happening. All sorts of beautiful chemistry is unfolding itself inside my body, realigning, removing and doing what it needs to do. It is probably so relieved that it can finally push all the impurities out to bring forth and refresh all the molecules of every cell. Everything changes when one fasts. Moods, emotions, experiences, situations are just lifted gloriously.
When wild animals are sick or hurt, they fast to heal quicker...Ive always said our furry friends of the animal kingdom are totems and messengers for us...and it is indeed wise to pay attention... for they seem to be more in tune with our Mother Gaia than most of us♥ Animals being in a 2nd density, we are not at all indifferent to them being in a 3rd density... the majority of us consume our lives with pollutions, chemicals, cooked food, money and materialism... step back to observe nature wild and free in all its Divine perfection ♥ Such joy and such uncondional Love ♥♥
I had fanciful dreams again last night. Dreaming is highly active for busy and so many things to do!!
I did a meditation yesterday, and one last night- the one last night was very interesting. I had completely stopped breathing and jolted myself back into my body...ahhh something I need to relax and just go with...surrendering more. The breathless state is known by great Hindu Masters as Nirvikalpa Samadhi...the thoughtlessness, Divine state of just BEing in complete attunement with the Cosmic Universe. Such Bliss!
I had 3 glasses of orange juice yesterday, last one being about 9pm. I have not had any yet, although I feel like having one now and its 11am.
I had one bowel movement yesterday, and one this morning... I dont know where its all coming from!! Its been 5 days since I have consume solid foods so I think its a combination of the fruit fibre and wastes/impurities shifting out.
I bid you a beautiful loving Divine day whatever you may all be doing. Surrender, relax, enjoy the Moment of your lives...Eternity is now♥

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Orange Juice Day 4

Greetings and Good morning Divine Lovers of the World ♥
Its day 4 and I am feeling nice this morning. I had a wonderful deep meditation last night, strange things happened and strange words appeared to me. One word in particular was "Altephoxian"... Naturally I looked it up and have no idea  what that means! There is no meaning for it on the internet also. Meditations are extra beautiful and this is because of the fasting.
I woke up feeling less tired than I did 4 days ago, I feel lighter, things are becoming looser. Very active dreaming- I had a lovely dream I had made a juice out of tomatoes, celery, parsley, salt and pepper- I think they refer this as a "bloody mary"!! It was just deliciously refreshing in my dream. I woke at 3am and then a friend called at 3.18am.. so indeed it was an active night.
I only had one Bowel movement yesterday which is a sign that things are clearing and shifting out, cleansing and realigning the internal flora of my intestines ♣
My breath tastes a bit toxic this morning and my tongue is still coated down the centre. My stomach had a hungry sensation before I went to bed, at 3am, and  a little now, so Ill probably make an early juice. Yesterday I didnt want anything until 12pm!
I have read how a doctor did a water fast as a casestudy. He did 21 days fasting and he said when he did tests at the end of the 21 days he said he had found deposits of TNT, mercury and sorts of nasties in his fat deposits that had been stored in his body for YEARS!! Gosh, I am so glad I am doing this fast. I want it to all go out!
I feel it is essential to jumpstart our bodies into a miraculous and beautiful healing process. The root and main cause of all disease and ailments is a condition called Toxemia- a condition that thrives in carbon dioxide/deoxygenated state.
When the conditions are right, this toxemia condition causes cancer/tainted cells to form, and even more, clump together and form tumours, disease and all sorts of bad things.
So since it is caused in an deoxygenated state, to reverse it, shouldnt we provide our bodies with an oxygenated state? Yes!!!
The fruitairan diet, and fruitarian fasting in particular, have cured ALL types of illnesses, even the ones in which conventional medical practice says we dont have cures for.
Our bodies are Divine miraculous beings...we dont have enough faith in ourselves as much as we should ♥ We are apart of the cycle of nature ♥One with the Earth and Spirit ♥ Humans are so much more capable than they give themselves credit for!
Be kind to yourself.
Love Earth and Love You

Monday, February 8, 2010

Orange Juice Day 3

I have awoken  out of my nightly slumber with strannnnge dreams happening!! I believe it either past lives or thought processes/impressions that I need to go through. Everything happens for a reason and in Divine timing ♥
I have had a little congestion this morning and I feel my body starting the house cleaning, purging all sorts of nasties out. I feel peaceful, centred and my mind feels at ease. Its a wonderful sensation!
I havent weighed myself since beginning this. At some point I will but its not the focal point of this journey.
I have only had a glass of water with lemon this morning as I'm not yet needing a juice. Thats the great thing about fasting, it teaches us to acknowledge our true hunger for nutrients and minerals and not simply because 'we want to eat'.
12.30pm~ I have finally had a glass of fresh orange juice 4 oranges and 2 tangerillos.
I had a metallic taste in my mouth last night, and that seems to have disappeared for now. My tongue is coated in the centre but not on the sides... so naturally I am just going through the bodily cycles of releasing impurities ♥

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orange Juice Fast Day 2

♥Hello to All the Divine of the Infinite Universe♥

Thank you for viewing my blogspot.

I am a fruitarian and love all that fruit shares with us on Planet Earth.

I am on Day 2 of an Orange Juice fast.

I have been inspired to do an orange juice detox by my fruity friend Fruitbat Anne- please also look at her amazing feat of 72 days of orange juice fasting on Youtube:

I am also currently going through heavy elimination on Day 2. This is always natural for me within the first couple of days of starting any fast.

I embarked on a mixed juice fast for 12 days before Christmas and felt AMAZING♥. There isnt any feeling that compares to the clarity, peace and love one feels after doing a juice fast. It feels life altering and our bodies appreciate it very much.
Today I have juiced 5 oranges at 12pm and another 5 oranges at 5pm.
Its almost 9pm and I am feeling a lot of elimination happening presently. My mouth has an unpleasant taste in it (always happens for the first few days with me then disappears) and I am sure my breath isnt the choicest either!!
Yesterday was very interesting. I felt hungry then it subsided, then it would reappear again throughout the day. I appreciate all the types of reactions my body undertakes as it prepares itself for this wonderful journey once more.
Please also feel free to visit my Youtube page here for various topics of interest and discussions:
♥ ♥ ♥