Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Orange Juice Day 5

Good morning Divine Wonders♥
Its Day 5 and I am feeling beautiful. Bodily functions are fluid, muscles are not achy, I feel lighter, peaceful mind.
Its lovely to not think about what I am going to eat! That leaves plenty more time through the day to concentrate on other things.
My tongue is still coated in the centre, not on the sides- a sign that a detox is certainly needed and happening. All sorts of beautiful chemistry is unfolding itself inside my body, realigning, removing and doing what it needs to do. It is probably so relieved that it can finally push all the impurities out to bring forth and refresh all the molecules of every cell. Everything changes when one fasts. Moods, emotions, experiences, situations are just lifted gloriously.
When wild animals are sick or hurt, they fast to heal quicker...Ive always said our furry friends of the animal kingdom are totems and messengers for us...and it is indeed wise to pay attention... for they seem to be more in tune with our Mother Gaia than most of us♥ Animals being in a 2nd density, we are not at all indifferent to them being in a 3rd density... the majority of us consume our lives with pollutions, chemicals, cooked food, money and materialism... step back to observe nature wild and free in all its Divine perfection ♥ Such joy and such uncondional Love ♥♥
I had fanciful dreams again last night. Dreaming is highly active for busy and so many things to do!!
I did a meditation yesterday, and one last night- the one last night was very interesting. I had completely stopped breathing and jolted myself back into my body...ahhh something I need to relax and just go with...surrendering more. The breathless state is known by great Hindu Masters as Nirvikalpa Samadhi...the thoughtlessness, Divine state of just BEing in complete attunement with the Cosmic Universe. Such Bliss!
I had 3 glasses of orange juice yesterday, last one being about 9pm. I have not had any yet, although I feel like having one now and its 11am.
I had one bowel movement yesterday, and one this morning... I dont know where its all coming from!! Its been 5 days since I have consume solid foods so I think its a combination of the fruit fibre and wastes/impurities shifting out.
I bid you a beautiful loving Divine day whatever you may all be doing. Surrender, relax, enjoy the Moment of your lives...Eternity is now♥


  1. Lots of new energies coming in to play at the moment and we are still a bit more than a week away from the new moon, any ideas as to why ?

    Moving into the dark of the moon as desert women we would have prepared for menstration/relaxation and a reconnecting to the earth, without men around us and then at the sighting of the new moon we would have resumed daily lives starting another cycle, But this moon is different as if 2010 energies are in a hurry to get things all moving into the new ?

  2. Planetary energies are constantly shifting Sister. Be aware that this is the time where collective conciousness of the world is being brought together with this planetary vibration as its being accelerated towards 2012-15 where we head into a slightly more positive polarization rather than a slightly negative polarization, which we are indeed now. Energy is everywhere! Charge your soul and your spirit in it for it is very much apart of you and powerful for you ♥