Friday, March 26, 2010

Premonition again??

Hello Divine Wonders of the World.
I woke up yet again from a flurry of illustrious dreaming... .yet one dream in particular has had a reoccurring cycle. Ive dreamt this many times before and this is of a big tsunami hitting the coast of california. Naturally with each dream of this certain scenario, the time of day is different, the area etc... but the coast of California remains the same. I am always watching the wave coming into the coast, being an observer, seeing it plummet into the high rise apartments buildings. I remember in this dream I got my trustly phone video camera out and started to record saying "well today is  (Sept 2010) and seems like 2012 has hit us before the expected date..." and I go on talking about this whilst I see the water half way up the buildings and not receeding.
Of course alarm bells are subtly alerted in my conciousness, thinking whether or not this even will come to past. The coast of California has always been a topic of discussion, polar caps melting, sea levels rising...time will only tell... ♥

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Gosh well I have just had a premonition. Whether this comes to pass or not is clearly unknown to me. I was told that an 8.8 quake in Southern India was going to have 66,000 people leave the Earthly plane. The Higher Soul is an amazing gift for us. Whilst I dont necessarily believe that all will come to pass, I have also had dreams where I was told by an old woman with red eyes that I was going to leave this Earth in two years time! I dont believe that one! I plan to stay here much longer, just because I have much work to do here. When we drown, have accidents and pass over, are sick, this is all to our choosing believe it or not. Our spirit selves dont care so much about how we pass over, for it holds really no significance when we looked down upon our Earthly shells of how we look, feel, etc.... We have plenty of choices as to when we want to leave, and perhaps sometimes we call these "Death dates" "Close Calls" or Near Death Experiences...
Many premonitions that I have had, indeed have ultimately come to pass. In a dream I saw that my Sister in Law was going to give birth to a boy (she did)... and that one year from then she would fall pregnant again and  have a another baby boy (she did that too)!! Always pay attention to dreams. Theyre a mixture of parallel realities, premonitions, symbology, Spiritual expression and messages for us to process from Spirit and our Higher Selves.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amazing Orb footage last night...

Thanks to the heightened planetary energies showering down into the Earth from the Divine Cosmos, I have had plenty of Orb activity drawn to me recently. I have filmed a meditation I did last night. I distinctly remember feeling at one point hedonistic, and like I was falling back deep into the Universe. And I believe it was at this time that I was having a strong spiritual interaction. As I looked back over the vid, sure enough near the 4.30 min mark there was a great ball of light permeating through the ceiling, descending down next to me and wrapped itself around me in a full circle and then fell down to the bottom of my body to my feet. It was just beautiful and I sat in awe in tears watching it! The video is 11 mins long and I am going to try and shorten it to show you this beautiful encounter.
We, as Divine Souls,  are constantly given signs and footage that indeed there is spiritual energy existing other than ours on Earth. My videos are proof of this, and I am only using a video recorder on my phone. Seeing this new footage, for anyone to say this is a dust particle is flabbergasting!!  ♥

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 11 Juice Fast ♥

Greetings Divine Wonders...♥
Beautiful dreams last night. I was lying in the grass of my childhood home at nighttime with my family. And as I peered up to the night skies I noticed a flash of 3 red lights in the form of a triangle space craft. Then I saw a big ball of white light flash in the middle of the triangle and it just immediately blew up and disappeared. I asked everyone "Did you see that? Did you see that?!!" And of course no one at that point I knew that this encounter was for me to see :) A beautiful reality to experience.
The fast is going along fine. Yesterdays hunger was very apparent and like I said, I felt like I wanted to eat meat. Today I am feeling fine again. Still major elimination going on.
Imagine, our physical bodies comprise of 6.3 trillion cells. One could not possibly conceive the amount of cleansing needed or what type of cleansing is taking place...but we know when things are happening. After years of eating cooked foods and having a not so favourable diet, the body needs a LOT of time to reverse and heal from all of that type of eating, if we allow it the time and space to do so.
I havent yet had a juice. Perhaps I will later if I feel the need.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 10 ♥ Juice Fast

Greetings Divine Souls♥
I am feeling much better. Although I have had feelings of hunger tonight- like I want to eat something other than fruit which is a first. I believe this is old toxic residues leaving my body.
 Actually I could settle for one of my delicious fruitarian salads but I have devoted a lot of energy into this fast that I must follow it through and let my body go through its cycles...Lots of elimination, detoxing. I have a slight blocked head, still slightly nasally but symptoms have subsided and I am onto the next phase of body/internal cleansing.
I spent about 5 minutes looking at the setting sun tonight to charge and soak my chakra points with the beautiful healing rays of our Divine ball of Light and Life.
Dreamtime is ineteresting and very active although I am having trouble remembering them which is also a first. I sleep with Moldavite and Kyanite under my pillow, which I know has given amazing information and universal wisdom but grounding it so I can remember it is challenging!
I have made two juices today and really dont feel like another just yet. My body is going through something now that I need to just let pass... I will meditate on it ♥

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Juice Fast Day 9 ♥

Wow ~ Do I feel better than yesterday! ♥ I went to bed with a runny nose and a headache and I woke up with beautiful clear breathing. Feeling much much better. Still a little fluish, but nothing like yesterday or the day before. Its a wonderful sign that detox is totally unfolding and getting down into the nitty gritty. I again, only had one juice yesterday and today I have only just had one and its now 1pm. I am just no feeling the need for anything really. Its amazing how we think the body must have food to survive when really it doesnt need it at long as it gets the same form of nutrition in liquid form... but if we are talking extreme here...perhaps you can live on prana (Divine Light)...
There are a few souls around the globe that do just that- living only on the Light of God. There is Jasmuheen, who only consumes water, and then theres Zunaida, a Russian lady (and believe it or not very full figured so that also defeats the claim that eating doesnt make you thin!)... Then of course Therese Newmann and Sri Anandamayi Ma... living on the Christ Light. There is also a big Breatharian movement happening in Germany. Its no longer only confined to the Saints to achieve this state!!
Anyway, theres always extremes isnt there? People that eat too much, people that eat too little, people that eat bad, and people that eat good. Find your path! ♥

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Juice Fast Day 8 ♥

Phew! Feeling totally under the weather yesterday and today. I drank fennel tea all day yesterday until about 9pm when I had a juice. Same with today, I am not at all feeling like juice or anything yet. I still slept well, Ive just woken up with a sore throat, feeling fluey, foggy head, runny nose, lethargic etc etc... deep cleaning!! I just have to go with it. Its important to let the body rest whilst its going through heavy duty cleansing like this. I know a lot of people would rush over to get painkillers or take medicine but truly, it only hinders the healing. I am not even that bad. Its just enough to knock me about for a couple of days. My tongue is still heavily coated and all I can do is just continue to brush my teeth (without toothpaste) brush my gums and clean my tongue!! My body is just going through its cycle. I feel tomorrow or later today thing will ease up a little. ♥

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juice Fast Day 6 & 7 ♥

Greetings Divine Ones...Its been one week of full juice  fasting!
Elimination has totally kicked in. I am feeling fluey, like I want to sleep. My throat started to feel dry yesterday (Day 6) and I went to bed feeling like I had 'cold' symptoms.  My throat is fine now yet I do feel lethargic and like I have a swipe of the flu. I dont feel the need for any juice this morning, just warm water with a herbal tea like Fennel seed or Echinacea and thats about it. I will probably water fast today,  until this evening. Ill see how I feel later. My skin is clearing (yes!!) and I still feel active and well. When one falls sick, we should celebrate it rather than dread it for getting ill, means some serious house cleansing is going on. Sometimes when we just fuel our bodies with so many impurities and just gets to the point where it says "ENOUGH!" and you are confined to the blankets of your bed. There are flus, viruses, and germs floating around ALWAYS...and if you have a weakened or blocked immuned system for any reason you are most likely to get sick more than others.... sickness = housecleanse. If you can avoid taking any medicines then do so. Medicines can only relieve symptoms which really, only just hinders your recovery. I never take medication, unless of course, I am in an extreme situation e.g. Life or Death! I will avoid under every circumstance. This goes for radio/chemo therapies for cancer. Absolute nightmare....dont do it! People get scared and feel its their only option... when really using these treatments theyre fighting their own's imperative to work with the body..and it starts with raw eating! ♥

Monday, March 1, 2010

Juice Fast Day 5 ♥

Wow, so the juice fasting is well under way Divine darlings of the universe. Breathing and lung capacity is wonderfully full and revitalizing. My skin has totally broken out on my back and chest which is a new elimination symptom for me. Its very bizarre as my body is quite healthy but obvioulsy there are some deep resivoirs somewhere within my system that need DEEP cleansing. I am feeling a little lethargic yet very good. Just a warm kind of sleepy feeling in you know what I mean. And I am in the need for SUN RAYS ♥ When the sun was out this morning I went out and basked my skin in it, soaking it's Divineness up as if I was drinking it. My little wheatgrass sprouts are finally beginning to stretch up, its been a long time coming for them!! The English Sunshine is quite weak at this time of year but today it was lovely. My juices are consisting of orange, apple and carrot and that suits me just fine for now. I'll add the wheatgrass when it grows to adulthood! My tongue is still coated and my breath is please avoid being around me for now! ♥