Saturday, February 27, 2010

Juice Fast Day 3

Greetings Divine Wonders♥
Elimination is fast in progress. My tongue is coated more today than yesterday, and I slept in!! Something I rarely do and obvioulsy my body is in overhaul. Dreams are vivid and plentiful, and my skin is breaking out! I take this as a blessing just because my body obviously needs to do it. To have beautiful clear skin - must come from the inside-out. You can use all products under the Sun but real healthy glowing skin comes first from within.  When you feed yourselves with nothing but pure goodness of nature, all in its raw Divine quality, you can only then consequently bear the results of beautiful natural Divine skin! Fruitarians have the most amazing beautiful skin of glow ♥ Its just glorious! Skin after a long time of fruitarian living also is wondrous with the Sun's rays. Skin no longer burns, EVEN without the use of wearing sunscreen, as the body is purged of its toxins. I cant wait for the strong Divine Rays of summer to bask in the heat. Its cleansing! ♥
I had three juices yesterday- still the same carrot, apple and orange.
My wheatgrass seeds are only NOW just starting to sprout, as sunlight is scarce and rain is plentiful in this part of the world! Any sunlight that melts into the garden I whizz out and put my little babies in the sun to bask ♥

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