Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 10 ♥ Juice Fast

Greetings Divine Souls♥
I am feeling much better. Although I have had feelings of hunger tonight- like I want to eat something other than fruit which is a first. I believe this is old toxic residues leaving my body.
 Actually I could settle for one of my delicious fruitarian salads but I have devoted a lot of energy into this fast that I must follow it through and let my body go through its cycles...Lots of elimination, detoxing. I have a slight blocked head, still slightly nasally but symptoms have subsided and I am onto the next phase of body/internal cleansing.
I spent about 5 minutes looking at the setting sun tonight to charge and soak my chakra points with the beautiful healing rays of our Divine ball of Light and Life.
Dreamtime is ineteresting and very active although I am having trouble remembering them which is also a first. I sleep with Moldavite and Kyanite under my pillow, which I know has given amazing information and universal wisdom but grounding it so I can remember it is challenging!
I have made two juices today and really dont feel like another just yet. My body is going through something now that I need to just let pass... I will meditate on it ♥

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