Friday, March 26, 2010

Premonition again??

Hello Divine Wonders of the World.
I woke up yet again from a flurry of illustrious dreaming... .yet one dream in particular has had a reoccurring cycle. Ive dreamt this many times before and this is of a big tsunami hitting the coast of california. Naturally with each dream of this certain scenario, the time of day is different, the area etc... but the coast of California remains the same. I am always watching the wave coming into the coast, being an observer, seeing it plummet into the high rise apartments buildings. I remember in this dream I got my trustly phone video camera out and started to record saying "well today is  (Sept 2010) and seems like 2012 has hit us before the expected date..." and I go on talking about this whilst I see the water half way up the buildings and not receeding.
Of course alarm bells are subtly alerted in my conciousness, thinking whether or not this even will come to past. The coast of California has always been a topic of discussion, polar caps melting, sea levels rising...time will only tell... ♥

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