Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juice Fast Day 6 & 7 ♥

Greetings Divine Ones...Its been one week of full juice  fasting!
Elimination has totally kicked in. I am feeling fluey, like I want to sleep. My throat started to feel dry yesterday (Day 6) and I went to bed feeling like I had 'cold' symptoms.  My throat is fine now yet I do feel lethargic and like I have a swipe of the flu. I dont feel the need for any juice this morning, just warm water with a herbal tea like Fennel seed or Echinacea and thats about it. I will probably water fast today,  until this evening. Ill see how I feel later. My skin is clearing (yes!!) and I still feel active and well. When one falls sick, we should celebrate it rather than dread it for getting ill, means some serious house cleansing is going on. Sometimes when we just fuel our bodies with so many impurities and just gets to the point where it says "ENOUGH!" and you are confined to the blankets of your bed. There are flus, viruses, and germs floating around ALWAYS...and if you have a weakened or blocked immuned system for any reason you are most likely to get sick more than others.... sickness = housecleanse. If you can avoid taking any medicines then do so. Medicines can only relieve symptoms which really, only just hinders your recovery. I never take medication, unless of course, I am in an extreme situation e.g. Life or Death! I will avoid under every circumstance. This goes for radio/chemo therapies for cancer. Absolute nightmare....dont do it! People get scared and feel its their only option... when really using these treatments theyre fighting their own bodies...it's imperative to work with the body..and it starts with raw eating! ♥

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