Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ablaze last nights energy

Greetings All
I cannot remember for the life of me, the last time I witnessed such a Divine and spectacular night sky for last nights meditation. Actually thats not true, I do remember, it was when I flew into Australia about 3 hours off the coast of the mainland, being about 4am, 35,000 ft above the earth. That was amazing.  Yet  last night, The sky was ablaze with billions TRILLIONS of stars that I could not help but feel such an emotional kiss from the Universe within the deepest essence of my soul. It was utterly breathtaking- literally. The Milky Way was so vivid, clear, sprawled with black magellan clouds and stellar gases floating, interwoven with the masses of celestial stars...all in precise synchronistic order.  If only I had my telescope set up!I was so moved, that I wished, as I conducted the meditation, that you all could have witnessed it with me. Australia has a wonderful reputation for having gorgeous observing for the stargazer.

It was a very powerful night and many energies were apparent, which I was lucky enough to capture with  digital technology (and their allowance). Something I found  enthralling, even somewhat unnerving, was the presence of higher intelligent energy, more so than the last Meditation. It was a strange yet beautiful feeling, and of course I was very amused when I saw the face of a celestial being manifesting, metamorphize, and melting away on the back of my tunic! I must also admit that there were many strange dream encounters last night that perhaps confirmed this...
The energy poured into the ritual was strong moving, and my crystals charged with Divine energy within the crystal bowl are now still sitting outside evaporating and showering its loving energy in out Earths atmosphere
Until next time dear friends & family
Yours eternally

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