Thursday, April 22, 2010

Major Energy Today♥

Wow gosh guys, you know the moon is waxing, the energy is high and the day was SO beautiful today- the skies so blue, sun so bright, trees so green just glorious- and of course I spent a lot of time out frolicking about as I do, hugging trees (dont laugh!) believe me I am always doing it, even if people are watching me. I love drawing and connecting with their magickal earth and etheral elemental energies...its totally grounding. Even the little ladies I care for hug the trees now! I am always finding pennies and coins on the street and I say to the little girls walking them to school to "tell the universe that you want to find pennies walking to school today"....
Later on, I told the universe  to throw me a penny my way when I walked to collect them from school. I past a beautiful old oak tree and I was so drawn to touch it  that I stopped and turned around to go back to touch it and put my hand on it to connect with this wise, earthy energy. As I did, I found a copper penny nestled between its tree roots!!! LOL I totally laughed aloud as the universe had sure answered my little request. It just made me smile from the heart outwards. Believe me we are always being listened to.
Also earlier today, I felt enormous energy in my room and felt compelled to take pictures. The picture speaks for itself, I saw about 8 orbs through this picture.  I dont know if all were orbs or some were dust particles but the huge one speaks for itself. You could not mistaken this and I was talking to them asking them questions, and telling them how much I am continually humbled by their presence and how much I love them. Its just wonder, the world.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Load Up On Avocado's...

Greetings Divine Wonders of the Earth. Ive decided to do a little experiment with myself. I have loaded up on avocados in the past few days, eating about 4 per day as I would to see how my skin responds to it over a month or so.  Avocado's are a great source of  Vitamin E, A, C and K and consuming them helps trigger the production of collagen, eliminating premature aging and wrinkles. Its of course a great source of monsaturated fats, which actually help dissolve saturated fatty deposits around the body replacing it with good fats. I am not at all concerned with weight, I never have been as a fruitarian, and I am not afraid to get a little fat from eating avocados!! But in hindsight, avocado's wont actually make you fatter. I mean if youre eating a diet of processed foods, saturated fats and white flours etc... along with avocado's then sure, you will pile on the pounds, but eating avocado's alone as one of your own main sources of fat is pretty subtle.
They are quite heavy and dense, caloric rich and so if you can handle them, eat them. I save all the seeds and put them in water overnight and plant them in the garden. I dont know if they will sprout but at least theres no harm in trying. Did you know that one mature avocado tree can spawn a growth of 200 avocado's or more? What a fantastic way of being self sufficient and saving money. My favourite part of eating an avocado is when I first cut it in half and just look at its amazing green and golden hues of colour. I feel its richness and total perfection... so it can only have the same affect on our bodies ♥ Debunk the myth that avocado's will make you fat!! Avocado's are our friends!!! They make a Divine ingredient in smoothies. Just this morning I made one with 1 avocado, two ripe bananas, big cup of raspberries and honey and ice...MMmmm it was like icecream a 100 times better....and healthier! Next time you pass avocados in the market or in the store, load up on some of them and put them in your diet. You will see that you need less food, and think about food less. They are the ultimate satisfying fruit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ancient Meditation Music

Open your chakras and warm your hearts with this Ancient Egyptian Meditaion Music I have made. Its designed to realigned all chakra points, raise your vibration and call in your Spiritual Guides and helpers ♥