Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Orange Juice Day 4

Greetings and Good morning Divine Lovers of the World ♥
Its day 4 and I am feeling nice this morning. I had a wonderful deep meditation last night, strange things happened and strange words appeared to me. One word in particular was "Altephoxian"... Naturally I looked it up and have no idea  what that means! There is no meaning for it on the internet also. Meditations are extra beautiful and this is because of the fasting.
I woke up feeling less tired than I did 4 days ago, I feel lighter, things are becoming looser. Very active dreaming- I had a lovely dream I had made a juice out of tomatoes, celery, parsley, salt and pepper- I think they refer this as a "bloody mary"!! It was just deliciously refreshing in my dream. I woke at 3am and then a friend called at 3.18am.. so indeed it was an active night.
I only had one Bowel movement yesterday which is a sign that things are clearing and shifting out, cleansing and realigning the internal flora of my intestines ♣
My breath tastes a bit toxic this morning and my tongue is still coated down the centre. My stomach had a hungry sensation before I went to bed, at 3am, and  a little now, so Ill probably make an early juice. Yesterday I didnt want anything until 12pm!
I have read how a doctor did a water fast as a casestudy. He did 21 days fasting and he said when he did tests at the end of the 21 days he said he had found deposits of TNT, mercury and sorts of nasties in his fat deposits that had been stored in his body for YEARS!! Gosh, I am so glad I am doing this fast. I want it to all go out!
I feel it is essential to jumpstart our bodies into a miraculous and beautiful healing process. The root and main cause of all disease and ailments is a condition called Toxemia- a condition that thrives in carbon dioxide/deoxygenated state.
When the conditions are right, this toxemia condition causes cancer/tainted cells to form, and even more, clump together and form tumours, disease and all sorts of bad things.
So since it is caused in an deoxygenated state, to reverse it, shouldnt we provide our bodies with an oxygenated state? Yes!!!
The fruitairan diet, and fruitarian fasting in particular, have cured ALL types of illnesses, even the ones in which conventional medical practice says we dont have cures for.
Our bodies are Divine miraculous beings...we dont have enough faith in ourselves as much as we should ♥ We are apart of the cycle of nature ♥One with the Earth and Spirit ♥ Humans are so much more capable than they give themselves credit for!
Be kind to yourself.
Love Earth and Love You

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