Sunday, February 28, 2010

Juice Fast Day 4

Gosh yesterday was full elimination. I had a very coated tongue and mid afternoon started to get a headache which is very bizarre for me... it was not bad, but I knew it was 'there'...nevertheless, I did some nice stretches, had 3 juices and one I tried differently- which was a celery and tomato juice - like the one I had in the dream 'the bloody mary'!! Yet in the dream it tasted much better :) It was still nice though. That was around 2 pm. Sleep is good. I am dreaming yet I cannot remember what is happening in the dreams.
Also I wanted to point out, for those who suffer with bad menstrual cramps- juice fasting and fruitarian diets work wonders :) Before I started on the journey of being fruitarian, I suffered from crippling menstrual cramps, the cycles were heavy, and the pain would have me bent over and lying on the floor in a ball! Ladies... you know what I am talking about ♥
I have usually been blessed with clear nice skin but lately I have also started to break out. This is a new symptom for me detoxing as usually I am not so affected by it. Obviously things are having a heavy cleanse...and the last fast I did was only 9 days, really only skimming the surface of a proper cleanse. So we'll see how this journey takes me.

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