Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Greetings beautiful and beloved souls around the universe
Ive shared many supernatural experiences with a lot of you over cyberpace for a couple of years now, and thought it would be nice for you to perhaps share some of your most supernatural experiences with me. But  you and I both know, theyre not really supernatural! Supernatural is the true world we live in. Yet we are made to believe that if we cannot see it clearly in front of us, then it must not exist. Plain and simple.
Yet you and I both know better, and if you have managed to capture anything on audio/visual recording, please share it!! I think probably my most profound documented supernatural experience has been caught on video camera- which I will send a link to the video here:!the-vault

It was when I was in London meditating and I suddenly was told my a very 'loud voice in my head to turn on the video camera" to which I duly obeyed lol. I think within 10-15 mins into the meditation I suddenly felt my 'self' or my essence, being plummeted down to God knows where but it was the most euphoric feeling. I couldnt see anything but the feeling was pretty out of control. And the feeling really melted thru me intensly. Needless to say I had no idea what to expect when I viewed the video upon finishing the meditation.
So anxiously, as I watched the footage, lo and behold around the 12 min mark, this glazing white orb appeared thru the ceiling and moved its way down to my forehead enveloping it in a circle and proceeded to move down my body.
To this day, I have still no knowledge of who or what it was. I thought it may have been a guide, but my guides/higher self have not said anything about it!!

In this same room, my name was called at 6am one morning loud and clear to which I responded 'you can come in!" hahaha... I had only just awakened and was still bleary eyed, thinking it was a friend who was staying upstairs to come and sneak in on me. I woke up, sat up in bed and just looked. It was in the middle of winter, and there were no lights on, and my friend wouldn't dare walk around in the dark! I went out of the room, and quickly went upstairs to see my friend still snoring away in the guest bedroom.  Many weird things went on ... and still continue to go on!
So share with me your tales of supernatural. I would love to hear them!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The "Other Side" to Humans...

Spirituality is the most amazing part of humans.  Some people still believe we are nothing more than flesh and blood, and that’s ok too. It’s their choice. But I have experienced enough in my lifetime to know otherwise. We are, to put it  simply- eternal souls have a human experience.

Despite much research of studying the human brain, consciousness and metaphysics- we still, as humans, are incapable of truly understanding what this “God Consciousness” is. The ability of being able to do anything is incomprehensible to us, because otherwise we would be doing it.

My path of spirituality  has been an interesting one, and when learning, I always encourage  dynamic perspectives of  and  from All. We must see all & accept all perspectives because this is the fundamental concept of our existence- parallel realities. Once you dip your toes into meta/quantum physics you will find out. We and our concept of ‘the universe’  all exist on an infinite number of parallel realities/dimensions and densities.  Different vibrations and frequencies. It’s hard to fathom.
Time is a man made creation of something that doesn’t even exist. Your beliefs, your views, your ideals and anything else that you may have to 'solidify' your existence here on Planet Earth are basically ripped thru  your ass and thrown back into your face for another hard look - only this time with a different angle. It is when this cycle perpetuates countless times that you really start to understand that you really cannot understand LOL.... So get into it! Dive in head first!!  Tantilize your mind! Question your existence, my friends.

Some of the information is absolutely crippling  to read and digest, and if you’re not ready for it,  it can be pollutant-instead of cathartic.  And this is the absolute truth. Many things that I have read have really shed light to me of just how heinous humans can be, swinging into the far borders of the negative polarity. It’s hard to swallow, but it is still part of the whole human experience.  We too, have the extremely positive.

 And  you can choose which ever you want to be apart of your existence. You can truly create the reality you wish. It is that simple. But you bear the responsibility either way.

Sometimes I wish my drive for the truth wasn’t of such dominance in my life, but if I feel like I am bombarding myself, I will go back to my zenith which is just to breath, to exist, to appreciate the Divine beauty we have in the way of animals, nature, Planet Earth and the Stars. To walk outside and pick fruit from my fruit trees and be in wonderment of how a tiny seed could create such abundance of life. To see how articulate the seed can be, adhering precisely to the laws of sacred geometry. How does  a seed know?? Well it does and it comes down to physics.
So what is physics?

Ill get into that next time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hello all, it's been a little while, and as you all know I am a little elusive... but you know I am not too far in the background... I am always watching and observing, and taking things at my own pace. I am basically ready to leave the country now, so its been a bit of a transition- yet again!

Some of you may have noticed I have taken my beloved vids down from my old youtube channel. I have a new channel now, it was time to shed an old skin, and this was basically to move the vibration to another place. I figured, the universe would guide the people that were meant to cross my path once more, so I have faith that everything is in Divine accordance in the Universal Laws xx contact me for the new channel name- you will not find it under anything "andulairah"...

Also I have finally put up my new website. It is about 97% complete with a few little things I need to add, and like anything organic, it will continue to grow. Here is the link

See you there!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

~My Basic Travel Itinerary~

Places I would like to visit on my journey… Add in more places you recommend in the comments section!

Luang Prahbang
Angkor Wat
The Great Wall
Wudang Mountain
Gobi Desert
Too many to name!
Egypt (?) Depending on unrest
Bandar-E Abbas
Believe it or not, Iran is very beautiful in parts.
Remember I am only going by train!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Strange Things When Communicating with Spirit Guides...

Continuing on from my youtube vid:, I wanted to share a some amazing, yet unusual occurrences that happen when finally connecting and communicating with the Spirit World.
Some of you may be a nervous- some may feel excited when you first come into contact with the world of the unknown.  But it really isn't as unknown as one may think!

Firstly, most of us go in, through and out the Spirit World as soon as fall asleep. Just because our physical body goes to sleep and needs to recharge, our astral body and soul is eternal and doesnt need that same rejuvenation. When we die and pass over, this is when our souls take a rest, reviews our life, and take a much needed holiday... because you and I both know, Earth is hard work!! It is hard for anyone to describe the Spirit world, because it is so multi layered and multi faceted, only those who are over there could really explain it.

So when we come into contact with our Spirit Guides, most of us are caught totally off guard. They can visit us, and start talking when we least expect it. I remember reading about Echo Bodine, a famous psychic whom was advise by her mentoring clairvoyant, to just start talking to her Guides to form a connection. So she said she just started talking to them- driving in the car, walking in the park, before sleeping at night... just talking all the time. She said then one day, as she was doing the dishes, one of her Guides  surprised her by introducing herself as "Anna".

Being from a strong psychic family, her brother had a very frightening introduction with one of his guides whom was a Doctor. He was learning to play the drums yet alas, he was a horrible drummer. One night, as the family sat eating dinner, she said her brother was hopelessly trying the play the drums, and then, suddenly- out of no where, this beautiful melodic rhythm was heard coming from the drums... Echo said that moments later her brother ran upstairs terrified- white as a ghost  saying that 'these hands just took over my hands and started playing the drums.'

On a personal level, like I have said in my video, I had a beautiful visual first encounter. However a week before I had the encounter, I had a somewhat strange experience. I walked into the house knowing, nobody was inside... and so  as I walked inside, I heard a male voice  call out my name. I answered him saying 'Im here!"...thinking it was the person that owns the house still inside the home. When I walked through the house, nobody was there!! I laughed to myself, knowing that it was obviously 'someone else'. This type of occurrence has also happened to me whilst I was living in London, except that it was a female voice, early one morning after I had just woken up.

Some people have more 'notice' before meeting their guides, such as anticipating it during a meditation session, or some people are so oblivious to them, that they may mistaken them for another human being!! Guides can manifest in any shape or form. They can be transparent, angelic looking, mists, fog, colourful electromagnetic energy- they can literally be anything. They also may just communicate using clairaudience.

No matter HOW your spirit guides come into contact with you- you have chosen to meet with them- thanks to a prior agreement before your Earthly incarnation- on a subconscious level. No one, or No "thing" can come into your space unless you give your consent. Everything, and I mean everything is pre-ordained, pre-confirmed by YOU....perhaps you just dont remember it... yet!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brain activation auric exercise

This is for left side/right side brain activation...we are usually more active on one side rather than equally two. This is a great exercise to teach your brain how to blend both of right and left sides  by keeping your focus in between the two circles, to being able to eventually see an 'auric' cross in the middle. They should blend together to form this cross, and there should be 3 circles. Good luck!!


I want to have a little heart to heart with you right now.
Can you honestly say, that you are doing what you love right now? From the moment you awake in the morning, to the moment you go to bed, truly, are you happy with where you are in your life?
It is such a simple question, yet we usually have such a hard time to answer it.
Celestial beings, often say that we 'humans, tend to complicate the simple things in life just too much'... and often tell us to "lighten up"...But of course they are up there, and we are down here... and well, sometimes, as I know you feel it just gets all a bit too much.
I hear a few of you say "But how can we be jumping for joy when we live in a recession? Debt? War? Corruption and Crime?"
Yes, I agree, its hard and heavy to think about it, let alone live in it.
But there is an answer.
As the celestials have pointed out- the way we change this, is by beginning to create our own 'perfect world'...meaning your own individualized perfect world. Start by writing down what truly makes you happy, who makes you happy,  and why it makes you happy. I heard a great quote by one of my favourite celestials, Bashar, in which he said "By making yourself happy, and being what you want to be, living where you want to be and doing exactly what you want to do, is the best example of being of Service to someone else"... because they look at you as a inspiring example, for them to make the small, yet great changes in their lives... and then there is a domino effect. We cannot change the world overnight...but each person, one by one, can choose when they're ready to make a change.

So to create your beautiful world, It is so simple to do, and writing it down helps affirm this. Our guides are constantly trying to offer their wisdom and give us an 'all-rounded scope' of our lives. Truly, they are our Best Friends. The ones that love us unconditionally. And sometimes, a lot of the times actually, we dont listen to that 'gut instinct' or that 'first voice' inside our heads and do what we think is 'financially right', or 'better for the family'... and since we dont listen, sometimes they go to drastic measure to give us a nudge in the right direction.... like a Near Death Experience (NDE), death of a loved one, end of a marriage, end of a job, becoming broke... all the hard-ass experiences that turn us upside down and inside out. BUT these are the experiences that FINALLY gets our attention (it doesn't have to be so painful!)
Our guides/angels/celestials want to bring us back to our Zenith point. Our core centre... to recalibrate, realign and become refreshed once more.
Last night I read some of the most powerful, compelling words in a long time. They were given by a group of beings called the W56...which I found out was an alias for their real name being Akrij... which means "The Sages"...I have remembered these words through out the day. I would like to share them as they may be helpful to you:

Love, in its most basic sense …as well as ethics, respect and altruism  – should guide every thought and every action.
The mere thought of doing harm was inconceivable to the Akrij, and the sense of ethics and morality pervaded their every action, their every gesture, their every thought – even their technology. And they would rather self-destruct themselves before ever causing harm to anyone or anything.

So....Once one has hit rock bottom... it's important to have a strong foundation to begin again. You would be surprised how easy it is to let your own thoughts slip through your mind without a 'conscious' awareness. Pay attention to every single thought and action that you have in your waking moment, and make it come from a place of love. Be the change you want to see. You can have the most loving, beautiful life, if you so desire it.

Auric Pairs:
red gives turquoise aura, turquoise gives red aura
orange gives blue aura, blue gives orange aura
yellow gives violet aura, violet gives yellow aura
green gives pink aura, pink gives green aura

All the colours in between also have their pairs...that are either light in shade, or darker.... GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Being Material- is it good or bad??

My view on material: I often hear ppl saying "Oh they're so materialistic" or "That place is so materialistic".... there is nothing wrong with being material- we do live in a material world after all!!!!
Material to me, only becomes an issue when its excessive, abused and used without awareness or being conscientious/balanced.
No one should feel guilty or ashamed for loving beautiful things! Our world is meant to be a beautiful place, enjoying the beauty of everything- only if it is not at someone/something else's expense.
Just because you receive, doesn't mean you owe.
One should like to give, without expecting in return.
One should share or give up, without feeling attachment...

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Greetings All!!

I wish that you are in delightful spirits.
So, I hear you ask- what is natural beauty??

Well, no doubt, there are going to be opinions flying all over place about this.

To me, natural beauty is defined by what you, as a person, look the way that feels most natural to you.
 Natural beauty is what feels most comfortable to you.
 This is how I define natural beauty.

I hear a few people cry on my youtube videos "...But Andulairah! How can you portray a natural lifestyle when you wear make up??!!?
Just because I portray and live a natural existence- doesnt mean I am not going to take care of myself or not wear make up! This is entirely my choice. I guess people have the view  that  'natural beauty' means just being as you are or low maintenance, which is fine if thats your fancy- but unplucked brows or having facial hair, or just not being presentable, is a disservice for me!!

 Its the same when people also say "I only wear that for special occasions"- LIFE IS A SPECIAL OCCASION!! Who wants to wait for the special occasion to arrive?!! I sure don't, and to me, everyday is a special occasion. Of course thats not to say I am going to waltz out in a ball gown- but to simply take pride in the way you present yourself is what its about.

I also get criticised for having minor cosmetic treatments/enhancements from others. I have had silicon filler in my lips for 5 years which is permanent, tattooed eyebrows, and have tried botox. This is not due to me not loving myself or the way I look, its simply because I want to try another look, or improve upon something that I already have. There is a fine line between being logical and realistic about cosmetic/surgical treatment, and being irrational/out of control with it.
I agree, a lot of people having surgery are having it for the wrong reasons, and usually there is an underlying issue that hasnt been addressed, so I empathise with them.

And these people who are criticizing, who claim to be natural and spiritually evolved- if you were so, then why are you judging??!!  I find it all quite amusing. A balanced, 'in-tune' person would just accept, smile and flow with others and their ways. Life shouldnt be taken so seriously! Have fun, and play with it. None of it matters at the end of it all- what we do or how we look, its truly about the experience, journey and  the wisdom we have learnt.

 Its actually quite beautiful to observe many different people and all the different ways they express themselves- and Im talking about all types of people-  people with tattoos, people with dubious amounts of surgery, people who are old and wrinkly, people who are gothic...theyre all just expressions of ourselves and very admirable.

It really is just all fun and games! So be nice to yourself- dress, present and live the way you wish to live. You are free to do as you choose xxx

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Please join in prayers and meditation of love and light. Our planet Earth is needing it now, the energies around the earths atmosphere need to be change to that of love. Right now theyre full of turmoil, pollutants and fear, together we can melt these into purity, love and light energy. Dispel the fear in other, be pillars of strength, inspiration and love to all that come and cross your path. This is your service to your family on planet earth. This is your service to humanity, service to our neighboring planets and galaxies. Service to our intergalactic families awaiting for us to morph into the incredible beings we are walking this planet. They are all watching and waiting. Please bring the best of yourselves forward at this time. The time is now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prominent dream experience

This dream was incredibly significant to me. Thanks to my ever increasing awareness, as with all of us on Earth at this time, I recollect an amazing dream experience. I was in a school yard at about 10.30am (I am currently working at a school with children at the same location as the dream)...suddenly buildings were shaking and collapsing as if an earthquake was happening.
I had a bunch of little reception children with me, or around that level and we were all holding hands as I ran out with them onto a grassy area. And its as if I knew 'they' had arrive. "They" being the celestials...our galactic brothers and sisters from afar. I knew it was not actually an earthquake but because their vibration was so forceful it was as if the earthly dimension and theirs collided. As we were all looking around, suddenly I looked up into the bright blue morning sky and knew I was going to be taken off the ground and suspended in air. As I felt myself lifting from the ground, I was looking at the children down below that just stood in awe and with anxiety. I kept repeating to them "There is no fear, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay..." looking down at their little shocked faces. My arms and legs were suspended in the air- similar to that of Leonardo da Vinci's portrait  the 'Vitruvian Man'.
I knew higher work was about to  happen. I could feel it coming. Suddenly this great indescribable energy moved over the top of me. Rings that were the color spectrum of a  rainbow enveloped the top of my head. While this was happening, I had an out of body experience, and saw myself sleeping in  the bed that morning. The next event was unforgettable.
An incredible zap of energy permeated through my entire being on a soulular level. Beyond molecular or cellular. Soulular. It was as if this energy was scanning me,  moving slowly down my body, filling my core essence with something profound. As I was watching the little children, they looked liked they were suspended in time.
 I was also aware of myself lying, sleeping in my bed. The zapped feeling was incredible. I knew something had happened/changed on a subconscious level. I awoke, dazed and with a slight headache.
My intuition tells me this was a scanning, deep healing, and an introduction of more energy into my body.
We go through life with certain energy levels. When the time is right, we are introduced to more energy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Premonition...

I had a premonition as I was walking up some stairs today with containers full of fresh salad that I would drop one to my right. And I thought to myself "Okay, I wont forget that..." And as I kept walking, someone came along and started talking to me as I was holding the salads and I suddenly forgot all about the premonition.... so I continued on after finishing the conversation, oblivious to the premonition and low and behold! I dropped the salad exactly where I had seen it moments ago in the premonition... I started laughing to myself knowing the Universe was playing with me reassurance that yes, every moment is accountable... recorded and watched precisely.
Never for once think that you are going unnoticed on all fronts: thoughts, actions, deeds or desires... Pay attention to omens, visions, signs even if they are subtle.. they serve a purpose...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Meditation Experience

Greetings All
As you are all well aware, I place much importance on the practice of meditation. For those of you beginning to practice meditation, some may feel it hard to find their feet, concentrate on 'nothingness', and learning to 'still' the mind. And I am not one to detest that! It takes a consistent effort in the beginning days. Some people find it naturally easy to slip into a relaxed mind, others are too busy with 'mind chatter' and thinking about random things that come to them. Just because meditation is simple, does not necessarily mean its easy!!

Naturally as I talk about meditation, I always like to back it up with a little anatomical/physiological information. What actually happens when you do eventually become into a meditative state, the wave cycles within the brain become slower to either a alpha/theta brainwave. This therefore, allows the flow of universal/cosmic energy  to readily flow through you, and also giving your body a chance to realign and raise to a higher frequency.

I dont know about you guys, but when I started tapping into the delicious worlds of nothingness, it became the opposite of just that! I soon learned that the ether worlds are very anxious to talk and communicate, and the closest I can  identify this as being is the same as a when you roll the dial  on a radio quickly. Voices, people, places, beings all begin to be heard through my higher consciousness all at the same time! As you progress with your practice, you can learn to discern between all this etheric hustle and bustle and tell yourself to remember what is transpiring within the experience. What stands out. If there are important messages then they will stand out.

As I undertook my daily meditation some wonderful experiences occurred today. There is an American woman (well at least she was American) that is around me in the ethers called Candace.  The spelling of her name is also how I saw her name being written to me.We talked today, mainly me asking questions about something -(I cant remember what now). Whether Candace is a guide, I am yet to discern but I asked her questions and she answers them for me. So I would highly suspect that she is a guide.  I was then moved to another experience.

 This time I knew I was not on Earth. I was standing over a huge dark cast iron cauldron with smoke rising from it. And as I looked down into the cauldron the smoke was thick in my face, curling. I then said "This smoke doesn't smell or affect me like it does on Earth" And with me saying the word Earth, I felt my head being tugged back as if I was going to move out of my body and allow someone to communicate through me....trance channel. Nevertheless, I abruptly became disorientated and roused back to my present conscious state and the meditation was unfortunately over!! My head also was slightly pained in the front forehead area. I will go back to do a night meditation later, to see if I can receive more clarification what that was all about...

So, as you can see, meditation is A key to unlocking the multidimensional worlds. It is not the only, and you will ultimately decide what is the best method, or 'Key' that unlocks your doors also. Please share your experiences if you have them!
With Love
Andulairah xxx

Recording dreams + Metaphysics

Are your dreams premonitions? Do you dream that you are in different worlds, different realities? Perhaps you can even control your dreams... Lucid dreaming. Maybe you have out of body experiences? Perhaps you communicate on a soulular or molecular level with beings of other dimensions. Experience past lives, future lives and receive answers to questions or prayers you have wanted.
Studying the dreamtime begins at a whole other level. There is nothing to conventionally explain the purpose of dreaming or why they occur, but there is a reason for them. Perhaps you do you not understand on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level... you do. One must remember, when dealing with the subconscious, you are transcending all realities, all language barriers, linear time, and all realms. You can experience multi dimensional realities simultaneously. Communicate with telepathy and symbology that in our earthly world, we maybe equate to simply being cryptic mumbo jumbo. But secretly, you and I both know that nothing is just random when it comes to a subconscious level of existence. There is always method to the madness. Its simply that our human minds cannot comprehend a bigger picture... a higher, more intellectual intelligence. But as you become more aware and more conscious, the understanding may become easier.
One way is to begin to start making a journal of dreams and your daily lives. As soon as you wake up, try to remember all of your dreams and record them immediately whilst  still vivid in your mind. While it may not make any sense whatsoever, you are doing something very valuable and important. You are telling the subconscious that you are wanting to remember and  retain this information on a conscious level. Thus then, you  will begin to understand...  translating your dreams from a subconscious level into a conscious level. A conscious level that you can understand, and perhaps make sense of. Dreaming intermingles with metaphysics.
The study of metaphysics is a tricky one, and not one for the faint hearted. What happened if I told you, you can reincarnate into any form of consciousness existing? To be a leaf or to be a cloud? Or that many of your so called past lives, are simply 'imprints' that you have borrowed from someone else's experience and applied them by stamping them onto your soul without even physically experiencing them? What would you think if I told you that if you began walking into one dimensional reality down a street, and then suddenly you bleed into another dimensional reality without even knowing it? Metaphysics gets more and more complicated. So keep it uncomplicated, take it with an open mind.
Sometimes higher information  can be poison rather than medicinal if one is not prepared to hear it or handle it. Your subconsciousness will only allow you to be exposed of the information and learning that you are able to handle. So take it with baby steps, learn and flow with life in its simple and illustrious ways.
Simply flow... and follow your heart.
Start writing down your dreams to recalibrate your  physcial mind to have a broader perspective of All That Is and the ever-enigmatic awareness we dare to call consciousness.