Saturday, February 13, 2010

Orange Juice Day 9

I have to apologise for skipping yesterday's blog just because time got the better of me!! ♥
Greetings to you all once again. I come to you with LOVE ♥
I am up at 5.30am this morning, had an orange juice. My Wheatgrass farm is up and running... the little wheatgrass seeds quickly underway with their chemical metamorphosis...♥ Actually some furry friend has already been into the garden I noticed this morning...
I will go into London today to pick up some Divine raw crystals from a crystal shop. I am very much into crystal healing. Crystals and rocks are of the first density and are much more connected to us that we could possibly imagine. So next time you see a rock or crystal... ask yourself, how long did it take for this little bundle of Love to create? Why did its unique mineral elements connect in the way they did? For what purpose? For there is always a purpose...Connect with your Earthly Wondrous Selves.
Friday night I was busily making Love (music)... please share my creation with the link below ♦
Yesterday afternoon and last night were devoted to piecing together my last pages of my book, The Erunisis Medallion.... a utter journey of love as well ♥
Do something wonderful for yourselves today. Be in Love, share your journeys and your lives with others...we can all learn and become that much more wiser♥

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  1. Hello Andulairah, I'm on an Orange juice fast and featured your video on Day 3 Orange juice in my blog, here

    I've never seen an orb but was stunned to see one fly past your head as you spoke of fasting bringing you closer to your core.. they love you!

    If you would like to add or change anything in my post just let me know.

    Lots of love!

    From Katie