Thursday, March 4, 2010

Juice Fast Day 9 ♥

Wow ~ Do I feel better than yesterday! ♥ I went to bed with a runny nose and a headache and I woke up with beautiful clear breathing. Feeling much much better. Still a little fluish, but nothing like yesterday or the day before. Its a wonderful sign that detox is totally unfolding and getting down into the nitty gritty. I again, only had one juice yesterday and today I have only just had one and its now 1pm. I am just no feeling the need for anything really. Its amazing how we think the body must have food to survive when really it doesnt need it at long as it gets the same form of nutrition in liquid form... but if we are talking extreme here...perhaps you can live on prana (Divine Light)...
There are a few souls around the globe that do just that- living only on the Light of God. There is Jasmuheen, who only consumes water, and then theres Zunaida, a Russian lady (and believe it or not very full figured so that also defeats the claim that eating doesnt make you thin!)... Then of course Therese Newmann and Sri Anandamayi Ma... living on the Christ Light. There is also a big Breatharian movement happening in Germany. Its no longer only confined to the Saints to achieve this state!!
Anyway, theres always extremes isnt there? People that eat too much, people that eat too little, people that eat bad, and people that eat good. Find your path! ♥

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