Monday, February 8, 2010

Orange Juice Day 3

I have awoken  out of my nightly slumber with strannnnge dreams happening!! I believe it either past lives or thought processes/impressions that I need to go through. Everything happens for a reason and in Divine timing ♥
I have had a little congestion this morning and I feel my body starting the house cleaning, purging all sorts of nasties out. I feel peaceful, centred and my mind feels at ease. Its a wonderful sensation!
I havent weighed myself since beginning this. At some point I will but its not the focal point of this journey.
I have only had a glass of water with lemon this morning as I'm not yet needing a juice. Thats the great thing about fasting, it teaches us to acknowledge our true hunger for nutrients and minerals and not simply because 'we want to eat'.
12.30pm~ I have finally had a glass of fresh orange juice 4 oranges and 2 tangerillos.
I had a metallic taste in my mouth last night, and that seems to have disappeared for now. My tongue is coated in the centre but not on the sides... so naturally I am just going through the bodily cycles of releasing impurities ♥


  1. I always link onto your youtube on a Monday to see whats new and this morning just had a feeling that there was something more....I was so please to see your blog address, so glad you are blogging as you keep me centered , love your energy and who you are, and have 100 questions to ask :)

  2. Thanks Pippa
    Have a beautiful Divine day whatever you may be doing ♥