Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amazing Orb footage last night...

Thanks to the heightened planetary energies showering down into the Earth from the Divine Cosmos, I have had plenty of Orb activity drawn to me recently. I have filmed a meditation I did last night. I distinctly remember feeling at one point hedonistic, and like I was falling back deep into the Universe. And I believe it was at this time that I was having a strong spiritual interaction. As I looked back over the vid, sure enough near the 4.30 min mark there was a great ball of light permeating through the ceiling, descending down next to me and wrapped itself around me in a full circle and then fell down to the bottom of my body to my feet. It was just beautiful and I sat in awe in tears watching it! The video is 11 mins long and I am going to try and shorten it to show you this beautiful encounter.
We, as Divine Souls,  are constantly given signs and footage that indeed there is spiritual energy existing other than ours on Earth. My videos are proof of this, and I am only using a video recorder on my phone. Seeing this new footage, for anyone to say this is a dust particle is flabbergasting!!  ♥

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