Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orange Juice Fast Day 2

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I am a fruitarian and love all that fruit shares with us on Planet Earth.

I am on Day 2 of an Orange Juice fast.

I have been inspired to do an orange juice detox by my fruity friend Fruitbat Anne- please also look at her amazing feat of 72 days of orange juice fasting on Youtube:

I am also currently going through heavy elimination on Day 2. This is always natural for me within the first couple of days of starting any fast.

I embarked on a mixed juice fast for 12 days before Christmas and felt AMAZING♥. There isnt any feeling that compares to the clarity, peace and love one feels after doing a juice fast. It feels life altering and our bodies appreciate it very much.
Today I have juiced 5 oranges at 12pm and another 5 oranges at 5pm.
Its almost 9pm and I am feeling a lot of elimination happening presently. My mouth has an unpleasant taste in it (always happens for the first few days with me then disappears) and I am sure my breath isnt the choicest either!!
Yesterday was very interesting. I felt hungry then it subsided, then it would reappear again throughout the day. I appreciate all the types of reactions my body undertakes as it prepares itself for this wonderful journey once more.
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