Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take Heed and Be Mindful

Most of us know how the state of the world right now. A place of mass confusion, heightened emotions, chaotic energies buzzing all about. Yet there are also calm and serene places. There truly  still exists the duality of the world, and it is in our hands at what future route  we decide to take.
No future is set in stone.
There are many parallel realities that lay in front of us, and what we do on a global level, will subsequently set in motion the most suitable time line accordingly.
Some of us have the ability to move through these parallel realities, either through the dream state, or just through psychic vision and catch a glimpse at what the future might hold for us.
I have this ability and I have been continuously shown future events. One in fact last night. Again, it was of a huge global tsunami. Tsunami's have been continually shown in my astral state, but this was one of epic proportions. There were a fractional amount of survivors. That was it. The Earth needed a huge cleansing, and this was the result.
Lets face it- the world in its poor current state cannot go on the way it is- judging on how the way things are. The majority of humanity are very unaware of the true state of the world. Fukushima has now been declared the worst nuclear disaster in history, nucleic gases spreading all over in rain, in the sea life in the soil... it is truly a disaster. And I wont say natural, because I dont believe it was.  Biological warfare, nuclear weaponry, FEMA concentration camps, genetic/mind manipulation, modified food, compulsory innoculations, human chipping,  HAARP, poisoning of the air and water, a possible WW3, internet spying etc...things are grim.  On a positive note, we are now shifting into  a new age, a new world, a new dimension, a new frequency. You can choose which way you want to go. It is still your choice. You CAN create the reality you wish. All you need to do is start. As I explain in the heart code video, I give you the tools of how to begin. It is that simple. Make a conscious decision and act on it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~Tooth Update ~

Lol, well not only did I get that dreaded tooth out, but the dentist decided to pull two!!
He was/is by far the best dentist I have yet encountered and it took him a little over 15 mins to pull out both of them... I couldnt believe it. I was preparing for the crippling worst of at least an hour for each... wow, amazing experience I must say!! On top of that, I was preparing for the worst night's sleep, to which was relatively pain free!! I was truly surprised. Needless to say, its all over now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nightmare with Embassies + a MASSIVE toothache

Im not one to normally whinge about things- especially ones that are self inflicted (tooth ache Im sure due to my days of massive amounts of sweeten jasmine green tea) but today has been a haaaaag.

As no surprise. My travel plans have changed once again! I am now taking the Silk Road Route (well at least its planned that way). From here I have since received my Vietnamese Visa ( going thru Laos first but no visa required) and have spent the last week or so heckling with tour agencies (apparently required for some of the places I am going to visit). Today I got lost, twice and one thing you will learn quickly in Thailand is English is seriously scarce. My first stop was the Uzbekistan Embassy to which my reply was "you need to call a travel agent"... so taking an hour to get there I left there 5 minutes later. I walked to a train station, passing a man selling crickets to eat (yum! almost tempted) and went onto the Kazakhstan embassy... which I didnt find and got lost thanks to bad directions... hahaha... so picture this. Andulairah long black hair matted to my arms back and face in the glorious Bangkok heat and humidity, walking around in circles trying to find this embassy by 12pm (I arrived there at 11:50am).
I gave up after haggling with some security guys at the Qatari embassy and went back to the hotel via  MRT train (metro)

Today was my first day on the train metro and surprisingly it was very efficient and quick. Much more quick than I could have imagined. Ill probably be doing that more often now.
Upon arriving back, I called these travel agent and I could travel around the world twice with the prices they were quoting me to helping me 'find hotel, visa etc etc' in all the 'Stan countries... Feeling defeated, I  did what I knew would be best... taking it country to country, and matters into my own hands.  And adding to my new fervour I found the most AWESOME website documenting every 'Stan country I am going to go through and doing it on your own terms instead of thru zealous travel agencies!!!
BTW  wish me luck, I have yet ANOTHER dentist appt tomorrow to get a tooth pulled out AGAIN. My back molar is just out of control screaming in the back of my mouth wanting to come out. [Last video (The Heart Code) shows how swollen my cheeks were from the first one hhhhh]

Saturday, February 4, 2012

NO rest for the witchy!!

So about a month ago, I landed at about 11pm at Singapore airport, and the first thing I did was grab my bags, get a cab and head straight for the red light district of Singapore City called Geylang.  I see your eyebrows raising...lol But the truth about the red light district is a little less exotic than lady boys and sex on legs. It is home to the most delicious durian I have eaten on this trip so far. Okay so Thailand has Durian, and so does Malaysia, but this Singapore durian is something else. I almost put up an argument with the expensive price of it with the guy selling them on the busy street side shop, but as soon as my teeth sunk into the flesh of that durian, I was smitten... speechless! The texture, the flavour, the colour, the smell- the whole entire experience was something out of this world. He picked me the best durian and I sat in paradise amongst thick heavy traffic and people, car horns and smog for almost an hour at midnight. Having flown in from Darwin this was the perfect gift to have finished a tiresome day!