Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 11 Juice Fast ♥

Greetings Divine Wonders...♥
Beautiful dreams last night. I was lying in the grass of my childhood home at nighttime with my family. And as I peered up to the night skies I noticed a flash of 3 red lights in the form of a triangle space craft. Then I saw a big ball of white light flash in the middle of the triangle and it just immediately blew up and disappeared. I asked everyone "Did you see that? Did you see that?!!" And of course no one at that point I knew that this encounter was for me to see :) A beautiful reality to experience.
The fast is going along fine. Yesterdays hunger was very apparent and like I said, I felt like I wanted to eat meat. Today I am feeling fine again. Still major elimination going on.
Imagine, our physical bodies comprise of 6.3 trillion cells. One could not possibly conceive the amount of cleansing needed or what type of cleansing is taking place...but we know when things are happening. After years of eating cooked foods and having a not so favourable diet, the body needs a LOT of time to reverse and heal from all of that type of eating, if we allow it the time and space to do so.
I havent yet had a juice. Perhaps I will later if I feel the need.

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