Sunday, April 10, 2011


Greetings All!!

I wish that you are in delightful spirits.
So, I hear you ask- what is natural beauty??

Well, no doubt, there are going to be opinions flying all over place about this.

To me, natural beauty is defined by what you, as a person, look the way that feels most natural to you.
 Natural beauty is what feels most comfortable to you.
 This is how I define natural beauty.

I hear a few people cry on my youtube videos "...But Andulairah! How can you portray a natural lifestyle when you wear make up??!!?
Just because I portray and live a natural existence- doesnt mean I am not going to take care of myself or not wear make up! This is entirely my choice. I guess people have the view  that  'natural beauty' means just being as you are or low maintenance, which is fine if thats your fancy- but unplucked brows or having facial hair, or just not being presentable, is a disservice for me!!

 Its the same when people also say "I only wear that for special occasions"- LIFE IS A SPECIAL OCCASION!! Who wants to wait for the special occasion to arrive?!! I sure don't, and to me, everyday is a special occasion. Of course thats not to say I am going to waltz out in a ball gown- but to simply take pride in the way you present yourself is what its about.

I also get criticised for having minor cosmetic treatments/enhancements from others. I have had silicon filler in my lips for 5 years which is permanent, tattooed eyebrows, and have tried botox. This is not due to me not loving myself or the way I look, its simply because I want to try another look, or improve upon something that I already have. There is a fine line between being logical and realistic about cosmetic/surgical treatment, and being irrational/out of control with it.
I agree, a lot of people having surgery are having it for the wrong reasons, and usually there is an underlying issue that hasnt been addressed, so I empathise with them.

And these people who are criticizing, who claim to be natural and spiritually evolved- if you were so, then why are you judging??!!  I find it all quite amusing. A balanced, 'in-tune' person would just accept, smile and flow with others and their ways. Life shouldnt be taken so seriously! Have fun, and play with it. None of it matters at the end of it all- what we do or how we look, its truly about the experience, journey and  the wisdom we have learnt.

 Its actually quite beautiful to observe many different people and all the different ways they express themselves- and Im talking about all types of people-  people with tattoos, people with dubious amounts of surgery, people who are old and wrinkly, people who are gothic...theyre all just expressions of ourselves and very admirable.

It really is just all fun and games! So be nice to yourself- dress, present and live the way you wish to live. You are free to do as you choose xxx