Friday, January 4, 2013

Damn Chemtrails

This really upsets. me.

Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st 2012

Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Threshold Crossing to all far and wide. For those reading this, you can now put on your resume that you were apart of the fundamental stages of planetary recalibration, and you were also a chosen member to experience a rare energetic threshold crossing -the last time being 25,920 years ago... and you survived to see that the doomsday prophecies were wrong! This is the beginning of the end of the third dimensional world as we know it. I am excited!!
 ~ Andulairah

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Magic Of Sand!

Do you know why I find such solace in the places such as the Arabian desert ? Its definitely because of the solitude and stillness, the clarity of clear thought and mental projection, as well as the freshness of clean air.

However there is something else that is fascinating about sand, and this is why I feel so magickal when I am there. I feel my strongest- energetically speaking- when I am in the sand, deep in the desert on a lonesome night. The strength of my magick and meditation when it is conducted in the desert is increased 100 fold comparatively speaking to anywhere else and the answer to why  is simple.
Sand is primarily 80-90% made up of quartz. What gives sands variations in color is the oxidization of feldspar, another mineral combination in the sand.

Now those of us in the esoteric communities know the amazing properties of mineral elements- especially the potent power of quartz.

Imagine for a moment, you creating your circle in the middle of  some sand, and the energy you are creating/pulsating within your circle- just imagine how much you  are charging that sandy bed of quartz crystal you are standing on!!!! I feel any kind of spell/esoteric work conducted on sand would be most beneficial.

The sands in these vast open deserts are keepers of knowledge and ancient energies, far beyond anything we know of. For example, quartz crystal or granite  would naturally take millions of years  to be weathered down into granules of approx 1- 2mm pieces.
 Quartz, which can store vibration and information holds onto residual, stagnant energies for however long it is naturally necessary, and I will safely assume, that some of these energies and records are also millions of years old. If only sandy deserts could speak to us so easily, how wise we would all quickly become.

So those who are perhaps not as in tune with deserts, and mistaken them for barren, boring, lifeless places-couldn't be more misinformed.

The desert is a record keeper banking incredibly old earth and planetary information, not to mention housing a vast diversification of variable earth/atmospheric/solar/intergalactic energies.

Have you ever wondered when you are in the desert at night time and as soon as you put your feet in the sand, the sand is still warm? Quartz holds heat energy from the hours of sunlight that penetrates it for hours on end. The sun has such healing properties, and day by day it pierces into the quartz for hours on end, with the wind naturally rotating the silhouette of the dunes, allowing other quartz granules to come to the surface.

I encourage friends, family or people I know to wash themselves in desert sands if they are sick, tired or need rejuvenation.  I encourage people to dig a hole and let themselves sit in the sand for a few hours to absorb the all the beautiful healing properties of all the diverse energies held within the sand. This can also be on a beach, providing the sand is clean and has not been polluted.

So I hope the next time when you see a sandy desert, you now truly know how magical these places are, and are much more than what meets the eye. Sand is a mammoth bed of granulated quartz crystal!
If any of you want to order some Arabian sand from me, just contact me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Money & Magic- Are They Evil?!!

Ive heard and read countless opinions about these two topics.
Those of us in the spiritual community have often come across the thought of 'well if I make money, or trade with money, then I am not coming from a place of love or light, or helping the new world come about.'

 Yes of course we need to move away from the monetary system eventually- but let's face it, we cannot survive without money in our day and age at this moment! We as humans can try to be as self sustaining as we wish to, but even setting up self-sustainment needs money! One day I would love to buy a huge acreage property and plants all the flowers, trees and fruit that I am possibly able.
I also want to set up my own water source, reusable energy sources such solar and all this still requires money to do so.

Perhaps in the time of Atlantis, Mu or Lemuria money or a monetary based system wasn't necessary, but today it is. And lets face it- the majority of us living on the planet do not have our 'latent' abilities of materializing matter activated- to just make things appear out of thin air!!

To me, money is a neutral object. Money is the catalyst. We as humans DECIDE whether we use it in a ETHICAL or NON-ETHICAL way. The most important aspect is the INTENT behind the USE of money.

Same goes with use of Magick. Many people I am surrounded with tell how it is a Sin to practice Magick or have anything to do with it. I of course, totally disagree with this because I know better. Magick is based on the laws of physics. It is a science. Magick is too, a catalyst and its how we use the Magick that is the most important thing here. The practitioner behind  the Magick can either make it black or white. And depending on the severity of the intent, will determine the outcome or manifestation of that which is desired.

Every single object or thing holds a consciousness- an awareness. Everything. However everything just vibrates/resonates at different frequencies. When we can learn to absorb our own consciousness into a certain object/thing, then only can we manipulate its manifestation. Take a rock for example. If we can get 'into the mind' of a rock, we can manipulate its composition at a sub-atomic level. And people/beings could once do this on the planet (and perhaps are incarnated now)- take the creation of the Great Pyramid for example. These blocks were moved by the means of levitation, and this was done by becoming one with the vibrational composition of that rock. They were also manipulated/molded by sound frequency to fit and sit in certain positions. It has scientifically been proven that even the latest and greatest machinery of our time cannot duplicate the precise angles/measurements of that Pyramid.

So back on the subject. Money and Magick are simply the catalysts. The neutral objects. It is we define each of them.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When Arabs go- they go big! If anyone has been to an Arabic wedding, or some type of Arabic get together involving big fancy dresses and jewels- you will know what I am talking about. Who would think to wear foundation and powder on arms and legs and anywhere that there is skin showing?!! Well the Arabs do. If you are wearing a necklace and earrings and feel its 'a little over the top'- just add another two pieces of jewelry...and then you will just be fitting exquisitely.
Make-up?! Hello!!! Go big or go home. No such thing as 'less is more' in this part of the globe. More is definitely More, and if you disagree, then you'll probably be left off the party list.
 If you like big hair with big back comb, rest assured the arabs will be at least 5cms above yours lol. Its crazy, flamboyant, beautiful and wonderful to play dress up like this in the Middle East.
Below is just one of many beautiful over the top jewels available for sale on my facebook page:

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Blue ET's At My House

Greetings beauties all over the globe
I figured I would finally write about this because the validation that I have received is confirmed by my higher intuition, despite how disturbing it felt.
As many of you know I was in Australia last year, out in the boonies in the middle of the arid desert landscape. Each night before I went to bed I would sit with  Tot, the dog just doing regular things like read or work on the internet and many times, the dog and I would hear 'thumps' on the roof.

 Of course initially my skeptical mind would just dismiss it as wild cats or animals on the roof, which I am sure many of them were, but sometimes the thumps sounded like footsteps, and even Tot noticed this and she would give me a look as if she could instantly read my thoughts and the hairs started to raise on her back and she let out little huffed growls as if she was going to go and check out the situation LOL. I would calm her down each time and she would then go back into her sleepy slumber.
This continued on and off over months sometimes more prominent that the first but I would always dismiss it. 

One night it was so obvious that someone was on the roof I got up off the chair and checked down the hallway... to which there of course was nothing.  I felt odd, and was slightly unnerved but of course dismissed it once more.
If it wasnt for the strong and very vivid dream encounter I had the following night, I probably would have dismissed the continuous 'thumps' altogether.

I dreamt that I was sitting in the exact same scenario and heard that 'thumping' again, and did what I did the previous night, which was getting up and checking down the hall. Only this time, I truly knew that something was in the house, and if I was to look around the corner down the hallway I was going to see something I didnt like.

And naturally my breath was caught in my chest as I saw these two little blue-grey beings climbing through the hallway cupboard to return up into the roof!!! They were 3-4 feet tall, HUGE beady black/dark navy eyes and kind of muscular looking. They looked at me and I looked at them and I kept telling myself to relax but of course under the circumstances, it wasnt so easy. I was full of adrenaline and kept thinking how do I approach them, what are they thinking? etc... and then I woke up, blurry-eyed and tired.

I intuitively  believe that the events took place but perhaps my own subconscious 'screened' the memory from my mind because I was naturally startled and frightened to see them there.

The night before when I consciously awoke and looked down the hallway and saw nothing, I had felt the  uneasy  feeling as if there was 'energy' around. I can usually sense when there is odd energy around me and this night was no exception. Weird!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


There is something amazing that I am working on. I am not at liberty to discuss anymore, but please believe that the significance of this is paramount. I will tell you all in the future very soon. If there was another language that I could tell you this in I would. Im not posting about it on Youtube as I do not want to jeopardise/compromise anything that I am working on.
My Love, as always
Your friend
~Eternally, Andulairah