Thursday, April 22, 2010

Major Energy Today♥

Wow gosh guys, you know the moon is waxing, the energy is high and the day was SO beautiful today- the skies so blue, sun so bright, trees so green just glorious- and of course I spent a lot of time out frolicking about as I do, hugging trees (dont laugh!) believe me I am always doing it, even if people are watching me. I love drawing and connecting with their magickal earth and etheral elemental energies...its totally grounding. Even the little ladies I care for hug the trees now! I am always finding pennies and coins on the street and I say to the little girls walking them to school to "tell the universe that you want to find pennies walking to school today"....
Later on, I told the universe  to throw me a penny my way when I walked to collect them from school. I past a beautiful old oak tree and I was so drawn to touch it  that I stopped and turned around to go back to touch it and put my hand on it to connect with this wise, earthy energy. As I did, I found a copper penny nestled between its tree roots!!! LOL I totally laughed aloud as the universe had sure answered my little request. It just made me smile from the heart outwards. Believe me we are always being listened to.
Also earlier today, I felt enormous energy in my room and felt compelled to take pictures. The picture speaks for itself, I saw about 8 orbs through this picture.  I dont know if all were orbs or some were dust particles but the huge one speaks for itself. You could not mistaken this and I was talking to them asking them questions, and telling them how much I am continually humbled by their presence and how much I love them. Its just wonder, the world.

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