Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Juice Fast Day 8 ♥

Phew! Feeling totally under the weather yesterday and today. I drank fennel tea all day yesterday until about 9pm when I had a juice. Same with today, I am not at all feeling like juice or anything yet. I still slept well, Ive just woken up with a sore throat, feeling fluey, foggy head, runny nose, lethargic etc etc... deep cleaning!! I just have to go with it. Its important to let the body rest whilst its going through heavy duty cleansing like this. I know a lot of people would rush over to get painkillers or take medicine but truly, it only hinders the healing. I am not even that bad. Its just enough to knock me about for a couple of days. My tongue is still heavily coated and all I can do is just continue to brush my teeth (without toothpaste) brush my gums and clean my tongue!! My body is just going through its cycle. I feel tomorrow or later today thing will ease up a little. ♥


  1. That cloggy feeling you get when you're down with the flu is just... uck! You got it right there - and somehow, it feels like you just wanna take a plumber and pump all that fluid out! Mouthwash does help a lot to get rid of that same clog at the back of your throat. I think of it as the evil flu lair!

    - Timothy Mclaney

  2. When I feel sick, I want to eat lots of fruits and drink lots of fluids - especially water - and, of course, have lots of bed rest. With those in place I'll surely be up in no time. I know you are feeling alright now.

    Pierre Cardan