Thursday, February 11, 2010

Orange Juice Day 6

Hello Divine Darlings of the World ♥
Its Day 6 and I am feeling interesting. I have just been to the fruit markets and bought a TONNE of oranges. They should last me a several days I am hoping.
All is wonderful.♥
I have decided I am going to incorporate Wheatgrass Juice into this fasting. I have ordered a wheatgrass kit and will harvest my own...such bliss ♥ Did you know that putting a tray of wheatgrass near your bed will help you sleep better? Wheatgrass emanates negative ions in the air to balance the positive ions we release...
Wheatgrass is an amazing little grass that has such potency and power to literally make Earths move ○ Amino Acids, high chlorophyll content, Vitamin B12, A, K, E and more. It also contains 82 out of the 92 minerals found in earth and soil: cobalt, phosphorus, calcium etc... so anyone says that a fast is lacking nutrients and essential elements has been sorely misguided! A fast is one of the most beneficial journeys one can undertake.
I had 2 orange juices yesterday. One at 11am with 5 oranges and one at 5pm with the same.
I still have a little of that metallicy taste in my mouth... obviously bodily functions are prominently occuring. My tongue is also still coated down the centre. I did start a meditation last night but it was I will continue it today
A beautiful day to all♥

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