Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Magic Of Sand!

Do you know why I find such solace in the places such as the Arabian desert ? Its definitely because of the solitude and stillness, the clarity of clear thought and mental projection, as well as the freshness of clean air.

However there is something else that is fascinating about sand, and this is why I feel so magickal when I am there. I feel my strongest- energetically speaking- when I am in the sand, deep in the desert on a lonesome night. The strength of my magick and meditation when it is conducted in the desert is increased 100 fold comparatively speaking to anywhere else and the answer to why  is simple.
Sand is primarily 80-90% made up of quartz. What gives sands variations in color is the oxidization of feldspar, another mineral combination in the sand.

Now those of us in the esoteric communities know the amazing properties of mineral elements- especially the potent power of quartz.

Imagine for a moment, you creating your circle in the middle of  some sand, and the energy you are creating/pulsating within your circle- just imagine how much you  are charging that sandy bed of quartz crystal you are standing on!!!! I feel any kind of spell/esoteric work conducted on sand would be most beneficial.

The sands in these vast open deserts are keepers of knowledge and ancient energies, far beyond anything we know of. For example, quartz crystal or granite  would naturally take millions of years  to be weathered down into granules of approx 1- 2mm pieces.
 Quartz, which can store vibration and information holds onto residual, stagnant energies for however long it is naturally necessary, and I will safely assume, that some of these energies and records are also millions of years old. If only sandy deserts could speak to us so easily, how wise we would all quickly become.

So those who are perhaps not as in tune with deserts, and mistaken them for barren, boring, lifeless places-couldn't be more misinformed.

The desert is a record keeper banking incredibly old earth and planetary information, not to mention housing a vast diversification of variable earth/atmospheric/solar/intergalactic energies.

Have you ever wondered when you are in the desert at night time and as soon as you put your feet in the sand, the sand is still warm? Quartz holds heat energy from the hours of sunlight that penetrates it for hours on end. The sun has such healing properties, and day by day it pierces into the quartz for hours on end, with the wind naturally rotating the silhouette of the dunes, allowing other quartz granules to come to the surface.

I encourage friends, family or people I know to wash themselves in desert sands if they are sick, tired or need rejuvenation.  I encourage people to dig a hole and let themselves sit in the sand for a few hours to absorb the all the beautiful healing properties of all the diverse energies held within the sand. This can also be on a beach, providing the sand is clean and has not been polluted.

So I hope the next time when you see a sandy desert, you now truly know how magical these places are, and are much more than what meets the eye. Sand is a mammoth bed of granulated quartz crystal!
If any of you want to order some Arabian sand from me, just contact me.