Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Global Meditation tonight!

I am much excited for the global meditation I am hosting tonight with my beloved brothers and sisters around the world (and universe if they care to join also!)... There was such a great response from the last one, many vibrations turning for the better, unexpected events happening with people- and its a confirmation that the Universe was indeed participating in the event. Tonight is another also. Join me South Australian time or if you prefer to do it at your own time, then this is also fine. The most important objective is the intent of each individual involved.
Outline is as follows:

Sit in a comfortable, quiet, darkened space
Face East, or 20 Degrees North, North East
Set up your sacred space

Spend a couple of minutes deep breathing… falling into the alpha brain wave state (usually 3 mins after closing eyes)

When ready imagine a great big white light streaming from the skies and piercing through your brows into your 3rd eye. Take your breath up to your 3rd eye, as if you are inhaling/exhaling in this area.

With every breath, inhale more of it in, letting your bodies (conscious and subconscious) surrender to the flow and accepting that all is okay to let go.

At this point if youre having trouble concentrating and getting your breath right, try ear plugs. Believe me you will focus correctly after this!

Take your hands and press them together as if to pray. Bow down and give thanks to the Universe, God, and all that is in your own way.
Take as long as you need to do this. When complete keep your hands firmly together and slowly start to pull them apart. Imagine there is a ball of energy between your hands…it should tingle in this area. There really is a ball of energy there!
This ball is full of Divine, pure love…. Manifest the love energy within the ball and then shift your hands (with the ball) next to your heart and pour your heart energy and love into the ball.
When you are satisfied, place your hands on either side of the bowl of water (with crystal/rock/soil inside) and imagine that the ball of love energy is wrapping itself around the bowl, enveloping the water and crystal, permeating its love energy into the everything within in.  Be sure to telepathically say prayers and requests and whatever desire you so wish for the world, humanity, and the universe.

This  may take 10-20 mins… Pour the love from your being and from the Cosmos and let the crystal and water absorb it.

When you are satisfied that the water is  sacred and full of love energy seal the energy by placing your hands above the bowl and move them in a circular motion saying to yourself or out aloud  3 times:

“In the name of the Universal consciousness, I  now declare this sacred energy be sealed and protected and used only for the Highest good”

Clasp your hands together to pray and bow to the universe once more and humbly thank All That Is and Who from the bottom of your heart sincerely.

Blow out the candle and close the circle. Put the glass bowl somewhere sacred in the house and leave uncovered so that the sacred water/energy may be evaporated into the atmosphere. Leave the crystal in the water until the water has evaporated. If you used soil, wait until the soil is dry and throw it out into the garden and allow that energy to be deposited back into Mother Earth

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