Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Wow did I awake from a beautiful strange dreamtime this morning! In the dream I was actually sleeping in the same bed that I was in my physical reality- except that I was with some old girlfriends in the bed chatting and they were being funny, loud, cheeky and something caught my attention at the front door. I went to see and then as I came back, my girlfriends were not in the bed, and I called out to them, only to then look out the window and see them walking up a gigantic ramp into a dazzling UFO saucer. It was HUGE, and incredibly advance looking- hovering above darkened trees and there they were in a daze walking up inside!! It was very bizarre and I woke at 3.23am thinking "gee that was strange!!" I wish I could draw you what I saw in the dream ♥!

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