Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hello all, it's been a little while, and as you all know I am a little elusive... but you know I am not too far in the background... I am always watching and observing, and taking things at my own pace. I am basically ready to leave the country now, so its been a bit of a transition- yet again!

Some of you may have noticed I have taken my beloved vids down from my old youtube channel. I have a new channel now, it was time to shed an old skin, and this was basically to move the vibration to another place. I figured, the universe would guide the people that were meant to cross my path once more, so I have faith that everything is in Divine accordance in the Universal Laws xx contact me for the new channel name- you will not find it under anything "andulairah"...

Also I have finally put up my new website. It is about 97% complete with a few little things I need to add, and like anything organic, it will continue to grow. Here is the link

See you there!!


  1. Love your new website! Too much negativity on Youtube - this was a good move for you. :)
    Will you be leaving on your world trip soon? I hope you will give regular updates! So exciting, but I'm sure a little stressful too.