Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prominent dream experience

This dream was incredibly significant to me. Thanks to my ever increasing awareness, as with all of us on Earth at this time, I recollect an amazing dream experience. I was in a school yard at about 10.30am (I am currently working at a school with children at the same location as the dream)...suddenly buildings were shaking and collapsing as if an earthquake was happening.
I had a bunch of little reception children with me, or around that level and we were all holding hands as I ran out with them onto a grassy area. And its as if I knew 'they' had arrive. "They" being the celestials...our galactic brothers and sisters from afar. I knew it was not actually an earthquake but because their vibration was so forceful it was as if the earthly dimension and theirs collided. As we were all looking around, suddenly I looked up into the bright blue morning sky and knew I was going to be taken off the ground and suspended in air. As I felt myself lifting from the ground, I was looking at the children down below that just stood in awe and with anxiety. I kept repeating to them "There is no fear, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay..." looking down at their little shocked faces. My arms and legs were suspended in the air- similar to that of Leonardo da Vinci's portrait  the 'Vitruvian Man'.
I knew higher work was about to  happen. I could feel it coming. Suddenly this great indescribable energy moved over the top of me. Rings that were the color spectrum of a  rainbow enveloped the top of my head. While this was happening, I had an out of body experience, and saw myself sleeping in  the bed that morning. The next event was unforgettable.
An incredible zap of energy permeated through my entire being on a soulular level. Beyond molecular or cellular. Soulular. It was as if this energy was scanning me,  moving slowly down my body, filling my core essence with something profound. As I was watching the little children, they looked liked they were suspended in time.
 I was also aware of myself lying, sleeping in my bed. The zapped feeling was incredible. I knew something had happened/changed on a subconscious level. I awoke, dazed and with a slight headache.
My intuition tells me this was a scanning, deep healing, and an introduction of more energy into my body.
We go through life with certain energy levels. When the time is right, we are introduced to more energy.

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  1. I called it 'The Firework Snap' and yes your understanding is on the button... more will come, more insights, more understandings...
    be well on your journey