Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Premonition...

I had a premonition as I was walking up some stairs today with containers full of fresh salad that I would drop one to my right. And I thought to myself "Okay, I wont forget that..." And as I kept walking, someone came along and started talking to me as I was holding the salads and I suddenly forgot all about the premonition.... so I continued on after finishing the conversation, oblivious to the premonition and low and behold! I dropped the salad exactly where I had seen it moments ago in the premonition... I started laughing to myself knowing the Universe was playing with me reassurance that yes, every moment is accountable... recorded and watched precisely.
Never for once think that you are going unnoticed on all fronts: thoughts, actions, deeds or desires... Pay attention to omens, visions, signs even if they are subtle.. they serve a purpose...

1 comment:

  1. I have similar things happen, I always seem to know when I'm going to drop something yet still manage to anyway too. Would be great to see you develop your psychic skills! You certainly seem like a very powerful, switched on, magical lady ;)
    P.s. I <3 your videos, found them while searching for fruitarian vids a while ago, Would love to see more of them!