Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Meditation Experience

Greetings All
As you are all well aware, I place much importance on the practice of meditation. For those of you beginning to practice meditation, some may feel it hard to find their feet, concentrate on 'nothingness', and learning to 'still' the mind. And I am not one to detest that! It takes a consistent effort in the beginning days. Some people find it naturally easy to slip into a relaxed mind, others are too busy with 'mind chatter' and thinking about random things that come to them. Just because meditation is simple, does not necessarily mean its easy!!

Naturally as I talk about meditation, I always like to back it up with a little anatomical/physiological information. What actually happens when you do eventually become into a meditative state, the wave cycles within the brain become slower to either a alpha/theta brainwave. This therefore, allows the flow of universal/cosmic energy  to readily flow through you, and also giving your body a chance to realign and raise to a higher frequency.

I dont know about you guys, but when I started tapping into the delicious worlds of nothingness, it became the opposite of just that! I soon learned that the ether worlds are very anxious to talk and communicate, and the closest I can  identify this as being is the same as a when you roll the dial  on a radio quickly. Voices, people, places, beings all begin to be heard through my higher consciousness all at the same time! As you progress with your practice, you can learn to discern between all this etheric hustle and bustle and tell yourself to remember what is transpiring within the experience. What stands out. If there are important messages then they will stand out.

As I undertook my daily meditation some wonderful experiences occurred today. There is an American woman (well at least she was American) that is around me in the ethers called Candace.  The spelling of her name is also how I saw her name being written to me.We talked today, mainly me asking questions about something -(I cant remember what now). Whether Candace is a guide, I am yet to discern but I asked her questions and she answers them for me. So I would highly suspect that she is a guide.  I was then moved to another experience.

 This time I knew I was not on Earth. I was standing over a huge dark cast iron cauldron with smoke rising from it. And as I looked down into the cauldron the smoke was thick in my face, curling. I then said "This smoke doesn't smell or affect me like it does on Earth" And with me saying the word Earth, I felt my head being tugged back as if I was going to move out of my body and allow someone to communicate through me....trance channel. Nevertheless, I abruptly became disorientated and roused back to my present conscious state and the meditation was unfortunately over!! My head also was slightly pained in the front forehead area. I will go back to do a night meditation later, to see if I can receive more clarification what that was all about...

So, as you can see, meditation is A key to unlocking the multidimensional worlds. It is not the only, and you will ultimately decide what is the best method, or 'Key' that unlocks your doors also. Please share your experiences if you have them!
With Love
Andulairah xxx

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