Friday, May 20, 2011

Being Material- is it good or bad??

My view on material: I often hear ppl saying "Oh they're so materialistic" or "That place is so materialistic".... there is nothing wrong with being material- we do live in a material world after all!!!!
Material to me, only becomes an issue when its excessive, abused and used without awareness or being conscientious/balanced.
No one should feel guilty or ashamed for loving beautiful things! Our world is meant to be a beautiful place, enjoying the beauty of everything- only if it is not at someone/something else's expense.
Just because you receive, doesn't mean you owe.
One should like to give, without expecting in return.
One should share or give up, without feeling attachment...


  1. I agree =] as a lover of beautiful clothes!

  2. completely agree - i love make-up and clothes and i study's a part of me but here i am reading your blog and this is me too.