Saturday, December 3, 2011

The "Other Side" to Humans...

Spirituality is the most amazing part of humans.  Some people still believe we are nothing more than flesh and blood, and that’s ok too. It’s their choice. But I have experienced enough in my lifetime to know otherwise. We are, to put it  simply- eternal souls have a human experience.

Despite much research of studying the human brain, consciousness and metaphysics- we still, as humans, are incapable of truly understanding what this “God Consciousness” is. The ability of being able to do anything is incomprehensible to us, because otherwise we would be doing it.

My path of spirituality  has been an interesting one, and when learning, I always encourage  dynamic perspectives of  and  from All. We must see all & accept all perspectives because this is the fundamental concept of our existence- parallel realities. Once you dip your toes into meta/quantum physics you will find out. We and our concept of ‘the universe’  all exist on an infinite number of parallel realities/dimensions and densities.  Different vibrations and frequencies. It’s hard to fathom.
Time is a man made creation of something that doesn’t even exist. Your beliefs, your views, your ideals and anything else that you may have to 'solidify' your existence here on Planet Earth are basically ripped thru  your ass and thrown back into your face for another hard look - only this time with a different angle. It is when this cycle perpetuates countless times that you really start to understand that you really cannot understand LOL.... So get into it! Dive in head first!!  Tantilize your mind! Question your existence, my friends.

Some of the information is absolutely crippling  to read and digest, and if you’re not ready for it,  it can be pollutant-instead of cathartic.  And this is the absolute truth. Many things that I have read have really shed light to me of just how heinous humans can be, swinging into the far borders of the negative polarity. It’s hard to swallow, but it is still part of the whole human experience.  We too, have the extremely positive.

 And  you can choose which ever you want to be apart of your existence. You can truly create the reality you wish. It is that simple. But you bear the responsibility either way.

Sometimes I wish my drive for the truth wasn’t of such dominance in my life, but if I feel like I am bombarding myself, I will go back to my zenith which is just to breath, to exist, to appreciate the Divine beauty we have in the way of animals, nature, Planet Earth and the Stars. To walk outside and pick fruit from my fruit trees and be in wonderment of how a tiny seed could create such abundance of life. To see how articulate the seed can be, adhering precisely to the laws of sacred geometry. How does  a seed know?? Well it does and it comes down to physics.
So what is physics?

Ill get into that next time.

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