Friday, August 12, 2011

Strange Things When Communicating with Spirit Guides...

Continuing on from my youtube vid:, I wanted to share a some amazing, yet unusual occurrences that happen when finally connecting and communicating with the Spirit World.
Some of you may be a nervous- some may feel excited when you first come into contact with the world of the unknown.  But it really isn't as unknown as one may think!

Firstly, most of us go in, through and out the Spirit World as soon as fall asleep. Just because our physical body goes to sleep and needs to recharge, our astral body and soul is eternal and doesnt need that same rejuvenation. When we die and pass over, this is when our souls take a rest, reviews our life, and take a much needed holiday... because you and I both know, Earth is hard work!! It is hard for anyone to describe the Spirit world, because it is so multi layered and multi faceted, only those who are over there could really explain it.

So when we come into contact with our Spirit Guides, most of us are caught totally off guard. They can visit us, and start talking when we least expect it. I remember reading about Echo Bodine, a famous psychic whom was advise by her mentoring clairvoyant, to just start talking to her Guides to form a connection. So she said she just started talking to them- driving in the car, walking in the park, before sleeping at night... just talking all the time. She said then one day, as she was doing the dishes, one of her Guides  surprised her by introducing herself as "Anna".

Being from a strong psychic family, her brother had a very frightening introduction with one of his guides whom was a Doctor. He was learning to play the drums yet alas, he was a horrible drummer. One night, as the family sat eating dinner, she said her brother was hopelessly trying the play the drums, and then, suddenly- out of no where, this beautiful melodic rhythm was heard coming from the drums... Echo said that moments later her brother ran upstairs terrified- white as a ghost  saying that 'these hands just took over my hands and started playing the drums.'

On a personal level, like I have said in my video, I had a beautiful visual first encounter. However a week before I had the encounter, I had a somewhat strange experience. I walked into the house knowing, nobody was inside... and so  as I walked inside, I heard a male voice  call out my name. I answered him saying 'Im here!"...thinking it was the person that owns the house still inside the home. When I walked through the house, nobody was there!! I laughed to myself, knowing that it was obviously 'someone else'. This type of occurrence has also happened to me whilst I was living in London, except that it was a female voice, early one morning after I had just woken up.

Some people have more 'notice' before meeting their guides, such as anticipating it during a meditation session, or some people are so oblivious to them, that they may mistaken them for another human being!! Guides can manifest in any shape or form. They can be transparent, angelic looking, mists, fog, colourful electromagnetic energy- they can literally be anything. They also may just communicate using clairaudience.

No matter HOW your spirit guides come into contact with you- you have chosen to meet with them- thanks to a prior agreement before your Earthly incarnation- on a subconscious level. No one, or No "thing" can come into your space unless you give your consent. Everything, and I mean everything is pre-ordained, pre-confirmed by YOU....perhaps you just dont remember it... yet!!


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  2. My best friend just had a beautiful and mysterious encounter with his spirit guide. He noticed a fox on his back porch, so he went down stairs to get a closer look. Before he knew it, he had opened the door and was standing right in front of the large fox. It said," greetings, clayborn",my friend resonded,"why hello, what is your name?", then the fox explained that it is beond earthly names. To have a name is to be enslaved. Therefor, the fox follows no master. Over the past few weeks, the fox's voice has
    been repeating,"who is your rib, clayborn?". Note that my friends name is in fact Ryan, and not actually clayborn.