Sunday, July 24, 2011


I want to have a little heart to heart with you right now.
Can you honestly say, that you are doing what you love right now? From the moment you awake in the morning, to the moment you go to bed, truly, are you happy with where you are in your life?
It is such a simple question, yet we usually have such a hard time to answer it.
Celestial beings, often say that we 'humans, tend to complicate the simple things in life just too much'... and often tell us to "lighten up"...But of course they are up there, and we are down here... and well, sometimes, as I know you feel it just gets all a bit too much.
I hear a few of you say "But how can we be jumping for joy when we live in a recession? Debt? War? Corruption and Crime?"
Yes, I agree, its hard and heavy to think about it, let alone live in it.
But there is an answer.
As the celestials have pointed out- the way we change this, is by beginning to create our own 'perfect world'...meaning your own individualized perfect world. Start by writing down what truly makes you happy, who makes you happy,  and why it makes you happy. I heard a great quote by one of my favourite celestials, Bashar, in which he said "By making yourself happy, and being what you want to be, living where you want to be and doing exactly what you want to do, is the best example of being of Service to someone else"... because they look at you as a inspiring example, for them to make the small, yet great changes in their lives... and then there is a domino effect. We cannot change the world overnight...but each person, one by one, can choose when they're ready to make a change.

So to create your beautiful world, It is so simple to do, and writing it down helps affirm this. Our guides are constantly trying to offer their wisdom and give us an 'all-rounded scope' of our lives. Truly, they are our Best Friends. The ones that love us unconditionally. And sometimes, a lot of the times actually, we dont listen to that 'gut instinct' or that 'first voice' inside our heads and do what we think is 'financially right', or 'better for the family'... and since we dont listen, sometimes they go to drastic measure to give us a nudge in the right direction.... like a Near Death Experience (NDE), death of a loved one, end of a marriage, end of a job, becoming broke... all the hard-ass experiences that turn us upside down and inside out. BUT these are the experiences that FINALLY gets our attention (it doesn't have to be so painful!)
Our guides/angels/celestials want to bring us back to our Zenith point. Our core centre... to recalibrate, realign and become refreshed once more.
Last night I read some of the most powerful, compelling words in a long time. They were given by a group of beings called the W56...which I found out was an alias for their real name being Akrij... which means "The Sages"...I have remembered these words through out the day. I would like to share them as they may be helpful to you:

Love, in its most basic sense …as well as ethics, respect and altruism  – should guide every thought and every action.
The mere thought of doing harm was inconceivable to the Akrij, and the sense of ethics and morality pervaded their every action, their every gesture, their every thought – even their technology. And they would rather self-destruct themselves before ever causing harm to anyone or anything.

So....Once one has hit rock bottom... it's important to have a strong foundation to begin again. You would be surprised how easy it is to let your own thoughts slip through your mind without a 'conscious' awareness. Pay attention to every single thought and action that you have in your waking moment, and make it come from a place of love. Be the change you want to see. You can have the most loving, beautiful life, if you so desire it.

Auric Pairs:
red gives turquoise aura, turquoise gives red aura
orange gives blue aura, blue gives orange aura
yellow gives violet aura, violet gives yellow aura
green gives pink aura, pink gives green aura

All the colours in between also have their pairs...that are either light in shade, or darker.... GOOD LUCK!!


  1. Thank you for this post :) It was beautiful and true ♥

  2. what a great post! got me thinking big time. thanks for this love! much love and amazing light to you!!!