Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When Arabs go- they go big! If anyone has been to an Arabic wedding, or some type of Arabic get together involving big fancy dresses and jewels- you will know what I am talking about. Who would think to wear foundation and powder on arms and legs and anywhere that there is skin showing?!! Well the Arabs do. If you are wearing a necklace and earrings and feel its 'a little over the top'- just add another two pieces of jewelry...and then you will just be fitting exquisitely.
Make-up?! Hello!!! Go big or go home. No such thing as 'less is more' in this part of the globe. More is definitely More, and if you disagree, then you'll probably be left off the party list.
 If you like big hair with big back comb, rest assured the arabs will be at least 5cms above yours lol. Its crazy, flamboyant, beautiful and wonderful to play dress up like this in the Middle East.
Below is just one of many beautiful over the top jewels available for sale on my facebook page:


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  1. Lol i want to say first off that i love your teachings and really want to get into reading and understanding auras, but i felt i needed to say that yes when it comes to arabs, they do go big lol :)