Monday, July 9, 2012

The Blue ET's At My House

Greetings beauties all over the globe
I figured I would finally write about this because the validation that I have received is confirmed by my higher intuition, despite how disturbing it felt.
As many of you know I was in Australia last year, out in the boonies in the middle of the arid desert landscape. Each night before I went to bed I would sit with  Tot, the dog just doing regular things like read or work on the internet and many times, the dog and I would hear 'thumps' on the roof.

 Of course initially my skeptical mind would just dismiss it as wild cats or animals on the roof, which I am sure many of them were, but sometimes the thumps sounded like footsteps, and even Tot noticed this and she would give me a look as if she could instantly read my thoughts and the hairs started to raise on her back and she let out little huffed growls as if she was going to go and check out the situation LOL. I would calm her down each time and she would then go back into her sleepy slumber.
This continued on and off over months sometimes more prominent that the first but I would always dismiss it. 

One night it was so obvious that someone was on the roof I got up off the chair and checked down the hallway... to which there of course was nothing.  I felt odd, and was slightly unnerved but of course dismissed it once more.
If it wasnt for the strong and very vivid dream encounter I had the following night, I probably would have dismissed the continuous 'thumps' altogether.

I dreamt that I was sitting in the exact same scenario and heard that 'thumping' again, and did what I did the previous night, which was getting up and checking down the hall. Only this time, I truly knew that something was in the house, and if I was to look around the corner down the hallway I was going to see something I didnt like.

And naturally my breath was caught in my chest as I saw these two little blue-grey beings climbing through the hallway cupboard to return up into the roof!!! They were 3-4 feet tall, HUGE beady black/dark navy eyes and kind of muscular looking. They looked at me and I looked at them and I kept telling myself to relax but of course under the circumstances, it wasnt so easy. I was full of adrenaline and kept thinking how do I approach them, what are they thinking? etc... and then I woke up, blurry-eyed and tired.

I intuitively  believe that the events took place but perhaps my own subconscious 'screened' the memory from my mind because I was naturally startled and frightened to see them there.

The night before when I consciously awoke and looked down the hallway and saw nothing, I had felt the  uneasy  feeling as if there was 'energy' around. I can usually sense when there is odd energy around me and this night was no exception. Weird!!


  1. Wow, fascinating experience. Like your dream was telling you exactly what was happening.
    I had an experience that happened to me 11yrs ago. My son,my husband and I were sleeping in our bed one night and then all of sudden I heard a high pitched scream then my son(who was a baby at the time)made the same sound at the same frequency. I then saw this beam of light come into our room. I checked to make sure it wasn't a headlight of a car or something but no. And as soon as it was there it was gone. The next day I noticed a piece of wire coming out of my son's ankle. I looked like it would be painful but he didn't even notice it there. I took it out and just considered very odd.
    I really enjoy all of your videos!!!! I can really relate to a lot of what you are sharing. Blessed Be :)

    1. wow your experience is also fascinating. SO much so that I think you should have hypnotherapy session to see what really transpired that night. Usually we dismiss these things as quickly as they happen but I believe there is much much more to your experience.