Thursday, September 6, 2012

Money & Magic- Are They Evil?!!

Ive heard and read countless opinions about these two topics.
Those of us in the spiritual community have often come across the thought of 'well if I make money, or trade with money, then I am not coming from a place of love or light, or helping the new world come about.'

 Yes of course we need to move away from the monetary system eventually- but let's face it, we cannot survive without money in our day and age at this moment! We as humans can try to be as self sustaining as we wish to, but even setting up self-sustainment needs money! One day I would love to buy a huge acreage property and plants all the flowers, trees and fruit that I am possibly able.
I also want to set up my own water source, reusable energy sources such solar and all this still requires money to do so.

Perhaps in the time of Atlantis, Mu or Lemuria money or a monetary based system wasn't necessary, but today it is. And lets face it- the majority of us living on the planet do not have our 'latent' abilities of materializing matter activated- to just make things appear out of thin air!!

To me, money is a neutral object. Money is the catalyst. We as humans DECIDE whether we use it in a ETHICAL or NON-ETHICAL way. The most important aspect is the INTENT behind the USE of money.

Same goes with use of Magick. Many people I am surrounded with tell how it is a Sin to practice Magick or have anything to do with it. I of course, totally disagree with this because I know better. Magick is based on the laws of physics. It is a science. Magick is too, a catalyst and its how we use the Magick that is the most important thing here. The practitioner behind  the Magick can either make it black or white. And depending on the severity of the intent, will determine the outcome or manifestation of that which is desired.

Every single object or thing holds a consciousness- an awareness. Everything. However everything just vibrates/resonates at different frequencies. When we can learn to absorb our own consciousness into a certain object/thing, then only can we manipulate its manifestation. Take a rock for example. If we can get 'into the mind' of a rock, we can manipulate its composition at a sub-atomic level. And people/beings could once do this on the planet (and perhaps are incarnated now)- take the creation of the Great Pyramid for example. These blocks were moved by the means of levitation, and this was done by becoming one with the vibrational composition of that rock. They were also manipulated/molded by sound frequency to fit and sit in certain positions. It has scientifically been proven that even the latest and greatest machinery of our time cannot duplicate the precise angles/measurements of that Pyramid.

So back on the subject. Money and Magick are simply the catalysts. The neutral objects. It is we define each of them.


  1. I see people do this all the time. They will attack others for trying to support themselves with their spiritual abilities or talents but they themselves are either claiming income support or are still in schoool. I wonder if they would prefer people to work in an office and feed the system?

    Its sad to see so many within the new age and truthseeker movements have such a narrow minded view of magick and pagan symbols. I wish people would research properly.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. People are totally quick to judge others and not think thoughtfully about this topic.

  2. yes magic and dealing with unseen is from the devil, read the Quran it will exxplain more