Saturday, February 4, 2012

NO rest for the witchy!!

So about a month ago, I landed at about 11pm at Singapore airport, and the first thing I did was grab my bags, get a cab and head straight for the red light district of Singapore City called Geylang.  I see your eyebrows But the truth about the red light district is a little less exotic than lady boys and sex on legs. It is home to the most delicious durian I have eaten on this trip so far. Okay so Thailand has Durian, and so does Malaysia, but this Singapore durian is something else. I almost put up an argument with the expensive price of it with the guy selling them on the busy street side shop, but as soon as my teeth sunk into the flesh of that durian, I was smitten... speechless! The texture, the flavour, the colour, the smell- the whole entire experience was something out of this world. He picked me the best durian and I sat in paradise amongst thick heavy traffic and people, car horns and smog for almost an hour at midnight. Having flown in from Darwin this was the perfect gift to have finished a tiresome day!